4 environmental protection wall paints are recommended to grasp the principle of wall color

Painting the wall is an important part of the decoration process, so how to choose the color of the wall paint? In fact, there is no unsightly color in the wall paint, only a discordant color. The use of wall colors implies the knowledge of good health. Too strong colors will stimulate people's perception, make people feel irritable, and affect people's emotions. Let's follow the editor to understand the principle of wall paint color matching, grasp the basic principles of wall color, and paint a colorful space.

1. The blue restaurant has no appetite

Traditional blue often becomes the embodiment of tropical style in modern decoration design. Blue also has the effect of regulating nerves and calming the nerves. The blue is fresh and elegant, and it is also very eye-catching with various fruits, but it is not suitable for use in restaurants or kitchens.

The blue restaurant is not as appetizing as the warm environment, except for the walls. Do not install incandescent lamps or blue mood lamps in the restaurant. Scientific experiments have shown that blue light can make food look unattractive. But as the decoration of the bathroom, it can strengthen the sense of mystery and privacy.

Editor recommends:

Fenlin paint: Hemeng pure taste European art interior wall paint, suitable for interior walls, gloss matte, washable, can delay burning when fire, reference price is 780.0

2. Black and white color matching is mainly white

The black-and-white room is very modern and is the first choice for some fashionable people. But if you use the black and white analogy in the room, it seems too fancy. In this environment for a long time, it will make people dazzled, nervous, and irritable, making people feel at a loss.

It is best to use white as the main color and to embellish with other colors in some places. The space will become bright and comfortable, soften the sense of coldness, and have both taste and fun.

Editor recommends:

Jia Baoli: Algae mud all-around wall paint, suitable for interior walls, specification 15L, gloss matte, can be toned, reference price ï¿¥ 528.0.

3. Partial embellishment can break the depression of the purple space

A large area of ​​purple will darken the overall tone of the space, thereby creating a sense of depression. It is recommended not to put it in a living room or a children's room that needs a cheerful atmosphere, as it will make the people in it feel a sense of depression.

If you want to use purple, you can use it as a decorative highlight in some parts of the bedroom, such as the corner of the bedroom, the curtains in the bathroom, and other small places.

Editor recommends:

Nippon Paint: Lijie bamboo charcoal interior taste latex paint, suitable for interior walls, added with bamboo charcoal factor, super white and easy to construct, reference price ï¿¥ 278.0

4. Too much red can cause visual fatigue

The Chinese believe that red is an auspicious color, and the newly-married wedding room is full of red eyes. Red also has the meaning of enthusiasm and unrestrainedness, full of burning power. But too much red will overload the eyes and cause dizziness. Even if you are newly married, you can't leave the room under the main tone of red for a long time. After a while, the red will be replaced.

Red can be used for soft decoration, such as curtains, bedding, bags, etc., with a light beige or fresh white to match, can make people refreshing, more prominent red festive atmosphere.

Editor recommends:

Dulux: Jia Li'an interior wall paint, suitable for interior wall, gloss matte, can be toned, the reference price is 130 yuan.

To create a colorful and colorful space, you don't need to paint the entire wall in one color. Use the appropriate color in each space and add the right embellishment to achieve the perfect matching effect.

I will introduce you to the wall paint editor here. For more information, please pay attention to the information channel of this website .

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