One-salt ammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate experimental technical description

English name: Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate; Ammonium phosphate monobasic; Ammonium biphosphate; Primary ammonium phosphate; Ammonium acid phosphate; mono-Ammonium phosphate Other names: monobasic ammonium phosphate; monoammonium phosphate CAS number: 7722-76-1H6NO4P=115.03 Level: GR content: ≥99.5% clarity test: qualified pH value (50g/L, 25°C): 4.0~4.5 chloride: ≤0.00025% alkali metal: ≤0.1% sulfur compound: ≤0.0025% heavy metal: ≤0.0005% nitrate : ≤ 0.001% arsenic: ≤ 0.0005% iron: ≤ 0.0005% trait: white crystalline powder. Stable in the air. 1G was dissolved in 2.5 ml of water. Slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble. The aqueous solution is acidic. The relative density is 1.80. Melting point 190 ° C. The refractive index is 1.525. Uses: biochemical research. Preparation of buffers and media, production of phosphate, phosphor, wood, paper, fabric flame retardant, dry powder fire extinguishing agent preservation: RT

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