Private customization is not difficult to understand that life is the focus

With the upgrading of consumption and the enhancement of people's individualized consciousness, the same furniture can no longer meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers. Consumers are looking for their own personalized home furnishing, which brings the rapid development of the customized home industry. It is estimated that its market size can reach hundreds of billions, and advanced private custom homes will account for about 10% of the customized home market.

Custom furniture is growing rapidly

Custom home development is booming

Private custom homes are sought after because they can be designed according to different house layouts and structural dimensions, avoiding beams and columns, and clinging to the corners to make the furniture and the structure of the house fit perfectly. The furniture fan network learned that the design of reasonable custom furniture can make full use of the fragmented space to achieve reasonable and efficient use of space. At the same time, due to the comprehensive consideration of the furniture design, the interior decoration style can be harmonious and unified, but this is only the entry of private custom home.

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The higher level of private custom home, not only to meet the above requirements, but more importantly, according to the owner's living habits of the butler-style intimate design, which requires designers to have a wealth of experience in home design, but also have a deeper life Level of understanding.

Dixin high-end private custom home

Dixin high-end private custom home

As a private custom home designer, not only must understand the current needs of the owner, but also design according to the rich life experience, the home as a whole living environment, and predict the future needs of the owner of the house, so in the design Leave room and space. As Dickson Furniture insists, in the way of industrialization of home improvement, in addition to industrialization customization in the process of home decoration, it is also necessary to combine the rich life experience of designers, from pattern planning to decorative style, from furniture selection to jewelry placement, from lighting. Arranged to the details, according to the customer's personality, requirements and understanding of the home, "private customization", truly restore the customer's inner pursuit of home. For example, when doing private home customization services for its high-end customers, it is not only the living habits of the homeowners, but also the reasonable arrangements for the life of the nanny and the work area.

In addition, with the increasing socialization, business people will increasingly find that "home" has become an important social place. Therefore, furniture fans believe that in addition to the necessary social space planning, facilities such as wine cabinets or wine cellars will become necessary. The potential needs of customers require designers to have rich life experience and nuanced observations before they can discover and Satisfy.

Therefore, to do a personal custom home, excellent design ability is the necessary hardware, and a deep understanding of life is a point of stone software, soft and hard combination, in order to make a scientific and humane home.

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