Five ways for solid wood furniture to go

Five ways for solid wood furniture to go

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Wood is a gift from nature. Her relationship with human beings has always been in harmony with each other and continues to benefit us. Since ancient times, human life has been inseparable from wood. The history of Chinese architecture and furniture is almost a wood culture. History. Our complexion of wood has extended from the physical level to all aspects of spiritual life.

We have no intention to deny solid wood furniture, but also oppose the use of blackboard furniture for the sake of self-interest and unwarranted. Some people claim that the life of panel furniture is only 3 to 5 years. This is irresponsible and no one will believe it. Very simple, look at today's European furniture mainstream is clear.

However, this is not the subject we want to talk about today. We advocate the following principles: the use of solid wood should be moderate; the use of solid wood should be more scientific; solid wood as a basic raw material, when designing and making finished furniture It should be promoted, not the other way around, and it should not be ruined.

The earth is our common homeland. Caring for the earth's resources is the obligation of each of us. We have no right to exhaust all the resources of future generations and become sinners of history. We have already stated in the last article that China is a Shaolin country. This is not the whole problem. It is even more terrible than the forest coverage. The hardwood leaves used in furniture are on the verge of exhaustion. The existing plantations are almost all Fast-growing species that began planting in the 1970s. Today, the deforestation of virgin forests is illegal all over the world, and the International Forest Certification (FSC) has banned the sale of its products.

Even so, we do not want to explore this issue from a moral point of view, but provide our analysis on the status quo of solid wood furniture companies, which is also the possible way out for such enterprises in the future.

Way Out: Stylized Classic Product Route

Whether in the East or the West, there are many classic styles of furniture in history, such as the Western Baroque, Rococo, neo-classical style, Oriental Chinese Ming-style furniture, Qing-style furniture and so on.

This kind of route meets the needs of the top users of the pyramid. Pure, authentic, professional, classic and cultural are its core meanings. It is reasonable to use such pure wood materials to make such products, while retaining a considerable part of the manual content, but the manual is not used. Machines can be better places, but places where machines are difficult to do and add value. If the machine is carved, it will be artificially used to repair the charm, the artistic effect of the paint, and so on. Brands such as Meike and Yazhen have made fruitful explorations and opened up such routes. There are many such furniture brands in Italy. They do not seek quantity, only seek quality, occupy the commanding heights of the market, and have the highest added value. Business owners often operate a history and culture with faith and dreams. These enterprises The success factor is to become an expert or super expert in the field.

The design of such furniture requires respect for the classic style of its style. However, ancient furniture cannot fully meet the needs of modern people. For example, there was no TV or computer, and the theory of ergonomics has not appeared. Therefore, design development and optimization are also needed. In general, there are five design methods, namely:

1) Prototype imitation. Faithfully follow the original classic style, but add features that were not available before;

2) Prototype variation. Make changes to the styling based on the original style and extend more forms;

3) Construction method. Use the design method or morphological elements of the original style to make a greater degree of play;

4) Prototype divergence. Abandon the figurative elements of the original style, take its charm, and create a new form of modern style.

The last method deviated from the classical style and began to move towards modern style, but the root of culture is still there. Regardless of which of the above methods is used, it is the right choice. The so-called design is not only bad, but will be regarded as “junk” design internationally.

Way Out Two: Modern High-Value Art Boutique Route

This is also a route suitable for responding to the high-end market, meeting the needs of modern upstarts with taste, culture, aesthetic appreciation and affordability.

Still made of pure solid wood. But the artistic value of wood must be maximized through extraordinary design, and design is its true soul. The enterprise that makes such products is a typical design-driven enterprise. It must have superior design resources. Usually the boss himself is a famous designer. For example, Lu Yongzhong of Banmu is the designer of the image of Hermès Shanghai store. A number of designer independent brands have emerged in recent years, and there are a large number of such companies and workshops in Italy.

The design of such furniture can not be the same, but also the modern style, but there are countless inspirations and complex expressions in the field of nature and human thought, so it should be a diverse and colorful world, responding to the hopes and dreams of different people.

Way out three: solid wood independent single product mix and match other products

At present, the domestic mainstream solid wood furniture group is full of silly and bulky suits. Imagine if a family, the whole indoor space is such a material, color, the atmosphere can be good? No matter what kind of materials and colors, if you use too much, you will feel depressed and heavy. What is the taste?

In fact, the market needs diversification. On the one hand, the furniture companies are seriously homogenized. On the other hand, many of the consumers’ needs are not met. No company responds. Consumers have no choice. This is not ours. Opportunity?

There are already quite a few families, they hope that sofas, soft beds, etc. can return to the essence of function, pay attention to comfort and health, wardrobe returns to storage and clothing management, all kinds of furniture is no longer the end.
In the future, more and more family homes will pursue a variety of lifestyles, with lifestyle as the theme of functional space. Furniture as the main element must also pass through materials, colors and molded parts ( CMF) changes to match. A solid wood coffee table matches a set of leather or fabric sofas, which is more spiritual and more visually pleasing than a solid wood sofa.

In the end, the user's thinking will inevitably replace the manufacturing manufacturing thinking. The product mix and manufacturing capability will definitely be decoupled. Enterprises that cannot achieve such switching will not be able to escape the fate of being eliminated. Unless you have the ability to integrate other companies through branding operations, business model innovation, or focus on the specialized production of a certain type of solid wood single piece furniture.

Way out four: multi-material composite and supporting route

In the first article we have analyzed the characteristics of solid wood and wood-based panels. Here I want to elaborate two points, namely: First, the diversified use of materials is an inevitable trend, and the other is how to use solid wood materials more "smart".

In fact, the materials used in furniture are very broad, and each material has its own unique advantages, and it must have its limitations. The right approach is to apply a variety of materials to the products that best suit them and the parts that are best for them. Plates and wood, wood and plastic, wood and metal, wood and stone, wood and leather, all of which will open a wider world for us. The current constraints are still rooted in the manufacturing manufacturing thinking and have not come out.

As for how to use wood "smartly", there are two considerations: one is that the parts are the ideology of the product, and the other is the effective reorganization of the solid wood material.

Once the component is commercialized, many problems will be solved. First of all, it can greatly improve the level of industrialization, reduce costs and improve quality; at the same time, it also lays a better foundation for the application of multi-materials and mass customization. For example: a set of kitchen furniture, the table top may be marble, the cabinet is made of wood-based panels, then the change of style and visual experience can be easily realized by the change of the door, the door with melamine veneer, the medium density fiberboard paint board Doors, vacuum-blown classical style doors, solid wood doors of various shapes, stainless steel doors, the whole feeling is completely different.

We have already said that wood is most likely to be made into large flat panels, and that wood-based panels have a unique advantage when large flat members are required. However, the wood-based panels are not only the old three boards of particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood, but also blockboard, solid wood laminated timber, solid wood laminate, LVL, etc., all of which are not only aimed at improving the comprehensive utilization of wood, but also To overcome the inherent defects of wood, improve performance and increase aesthetics. In this respect, Germany and Northern Europe have very mature technologies and are highly industrialized. For various reasons, China's wood processing industry is still underdeveloped and there is still a long way to go.

In addition, for high-end solid wood furniture such as mahogany furniture, in order to maintain the original taste, often have to use all solid wood. In this case, Professor Xu Baiming summarized five structural design guidelines for driving solid wood materials in his doctoral thesis. which is:

1) The use of linear components is preferred;

2) Try to adopt an open structure;

3) the end is closed;

4) The special part opens the process tank;

5) The wide plate frame structure adopts a flexible node.

Way out five: popular solid wood furniture route

From a pragmatic point of view, the current secularized solid wood furniture market is still unavoidable. The formation of the market is the result of the combined effects of consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, the media, and even the government and academic circles. At the same time, not all enterprises can switch, the low-cost style furniture made by modern solid wood furniture and trend followers has its inertia, and will not disappear for a long time in the future. But the right direction should be to use more sustainable renewable materials.

From a business perspective, scale and industrial production levels are the undisputed winners of the future. The rheological period of modern solid wood furniture is nearing completion, and the optimization period has begun. To move to maturity, it needs to shift from factor-driven economy to scale-driven economy, and finally enter the era of innovation-driven economy. Companies that cannot evolve in this direction will eventually be out.

Finally, we want to remind that the direction is only the direction, the positioning is only the positioning, the market has the space, but the different positioning must have a complete operating system that fits this positioning, and the misplaced operation will be undoubtedly defeated under perfect competition. Don't fantasize about any odds. Among them, business model, product service system, brand building, all of which require the company to have a unique, scientific and perfect top-level strategic design, and on this basis, ensure that there are sufficient tactical means, strategic strength, reliable action plan and strong Effective execution capability. There are no shortcuts and the hype is invalid.

For more information on the Chinese furniture industry, please pay attention to the official website of Xianghe Furniture City ().

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