Iberia Wardrobe Earl Manor Collection brings a stylish and exciting life experience

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] Iberia, from the British fashion home brand, using European E1 grade high-quality sheet, green and environmental protection, of which the wood carving series use E0 grade plate, proud of the crowd; hardware using imported brands or domestic First-line brand. Production management is strictly carried out in accordance with the requirements of the UK Royal Quality Management System (UKAS) to ensure the stable quality of the products. Among them, the Piaget Manor series inherits the noble and magnificent of the European royal family and integrates into the dynamic fashion of the modern city. The Iberi Earl Manor series brings you traditional elegance and fashionable life.

Overall style : European style

Brand Name: Iberia Fashion Wardrobe

Product Name: Piaget Manor Series

Classic match: Royal Yellow Home Series

Cabinet material: MDF

Reference price: the suite is about 23,754 yuan, the cloakroom is about 38,211 yuan

Recommended people: people who love life and pursue high quality enjoyment

Recommended reason: Inheriting the noble and magnificent of the European royal family, blending into the dynamic fashion of the modern city, the Iberi Earl Manor series brings you traditional elegance and fashionable life.

Product display:

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Piaget Manor Cloakroom: The original small side cabinet design, the small items such as handbags are placed reasonably, the warmth is like the jade royal yellow color, the rich aristocratic atmosphere reveals the smart fashion beauty, and you are worthy of pursuing quality life.

Iberia Wardrobe

Piaget Manor Suite: Located in the perfect blend of classical elegance and modern fashion, the clean and elegant space makes people feel uncomfortable. Restore your distinguished enjoyment with the Iberian Earl Manor Suite.

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