How to use cough medicine

In autumn, the climate turns cold, and many colds, tracheitis, pneumonia and other diseases occur. Cough is a common symptom of these diseases.

From a physiological point of view, cough is a protective activity of the body. It can discharge sputum and foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, thus keeping the respiratory tract clean and unobstructed, and conducive to good health. Therefore, occasional mild coughs can be relieved with the elimination of sputum, and blind cough medicines do not have to be used. However, more frequent and severe coughing will affect people's work, life and learning. At this time, symptomatic cough and phlegm drugs should be selected according to the symptoms.

â–  Selection of anti-cough Western medicine

Cough Biqing (Pentovirine Citrate) is commonly used for frequent cough and pertussis caused by acute upper respiratory tract inflammation and has local anesthetic effects. No addiction, safer to use, not suitable for many patients, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive accumulation and exacerbate the condition.

Must be chlorpyrifos (Bromic acid hydrochloride tablets) sticky lysis solvent, so that thinning phlegm, easy to cough, while acting on the gastric mucosa, reflex caused by phlegm. One hour after taking effect, the effect lasts 6-8 hours. Applicable to acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis caused by gas urgent embolism, gastric ulcer patients with caution.

Easy to cough (acetylcysteine) can decompose the sticky protein in the limulus, reduce the consistency of the phlegm and make it easy to cough up.

It is suitable for thick and thick sputum and difficulty in cough caused by acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, etc.

Ammonia chloride tablets can stimulate the gastric mucosa, reflex can cause increased secretion of bronchial glands, dilute phlegm, and take it with warm boiled water and take it with caution in patients with kidney disease.

Compound codeine solution (Federal Cough Syrup, Pediatric Cough Suppressant, Federal Taluke, Pediatric Federal Taluke, Fidik, etc.) contains codeine phosphate and ephedrine hydrochloride, acting on the central nervous system, for severe The innocent dry cough has obvious effects and can be used for the treatment of other cough medicines that are ineffective. It is addictive and cannot be overdose or taken for a long time. It is a prescription drug.

â– Cough selection of proprietary Chinese medicines

Thick yellow liquid sputum should not cough, thirst, throat pain, can be used Chuanbei Lulu, Shedan Chuanbei liquid, Sangju cold film, Luo Hanuo cough granules.

Headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy throat, thin phlegm, should use Banxia Lu, Xiaoqinglong mixture, snake gall Chenpi powder, Tong Xuanli lung pills and so on.

Dry cough without sputum, dry mouth, dry mouth, throat dry pain, can choose Sydney cream, Chuanbei Sydney syrup, orange red pill and so on.

ç—° thick yellow, not easy to cough, dry throat, thirst, yellow tongue coating, red urine can choose wolfberry leaf paste, Qing Hua Huayu pills, Zhiji Taihe pills.

Chronic cough unhealed, phlegm and asthma, shortness of breath, chills, can take ginseng Bao lung pills, Yangyinqingfei pills.

In medicines for suppressing cough, western medicine and proprietary Chinese medicines have their own strengths: Western medicine is mainly based on the cause of cough caused by the respiratory tract, and it directly responds to symptoms and has a quick effect. However, it needs to be combined with other drugs in combination. If respiratory infections need to use antibiotics together, Colds require the use of anti-cold drugs; commonly used proprietary Chinese medicines, such as symptomatic use, have a definite curative effect. Although they are not as effective as western medicines, they are also popular with patients. The patient should follow the doctor's advice and use the medicine according to the specific conditions.

Can not be ignored is that some of the more serious diseases are often accompanied by cough symptoms, such as pleurisy, spontaneous pneumothorax, tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart failure, etc., will appear cough, such as the effective treatment of cough symptoms can not be controlled, it should be as soon as possible Hospital visits. In addition, children under 3 years of age have not yet developed their respiratory system. Cough reflex is poor, avoid using cough medicine freely, otherwise it is prone to hypoxia, pulse and other complications, for severe cough should be promptly sent to hospital for treatment.

(These medicines were included in the “Country's First Non-prescription Drug Catalog” above)

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