Do toxic gas alarms need to be checked regularly?

Toxic gas alarms are widely used in various petroleum, petrochemical and chemical production equipment areas; municipal, fire, gas, telecommunications, coal, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food processing and other places where there are toxic and harmful gases. It can be used to detect the concentration of relevant toxic gases in petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical fields at all times to ensure the safety of workers. The toxic gas alarm produced by our company is a non-interfering "smart" alarm device, which can detect toxic substances. The variety of gases and the breadth of detection range are among the first in the industry.

Toxic gas alarm technical conditions and test methods

Type inspection should be carried out in one of the following cases:

1. Trial-type identification of new products or old products to factory production;

2. After formal production, if there are major changes in structure, materials and processes, which can affect product performance;

3. Periodically, after a regular production or after accumulating a certain amount of production, a test shall be carried out periodically;

4. After the product is discontinued for a long time, when the production is resumed;

5. When the factory inspection result is significantly different from the previous type inspection;

6. When the national quality supervision agency requests the type inspection.

There are similar requirements for the general technical requirements for flammable gas and toxic gas detection alarm design specifications and operating environment gas detection and alarm devices for petrochemical enterprises, but there are no requirements for periodic verification.


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