Can I measure the wear resistance of sheet furniture with the key?

More than one salesperson showed that the quality of his brand's plate finish was high, he chose to use the key to draw back and forth on the surface of the board, and then pointed out to the reporter that there was no trace on the board, and the salesman used the marker pen to write freely on the surface of the furniture and then use the rag. Easily wipe off to prove that the board has good stain resistance.

Experts say: The national standards have clear requirements for the wear resistance and stain resistance of the surface of the board. Luo Wei said that the demonstration made by the salesperson is actually the minimum performance that the surface of the board should have, and it cannot explain the problem. Because in the actual test, the detection means and conditions are much more stringent, such as anti-fouling, the type of stains will have soy sauce, lipstick and other effects on the surface of the board for a certain time, then look at the effect.

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