The use of each sample rack in the salt spray test chamber

There are three places in the salt spray test chamber where samples can be placed, collectively referred to as the sample rack, which are: round bar, V-shaped sample rack, bottom of the box body.

1. Application of round rod sample holder of salt spray test box:

The round bar is made of stainless steel and coated with PVC. The single rod can withstand 1,5 kg. The applicable products include products of moderate size, which can be placed directly. Drop the test on the round bar. For example, if the iron sheet is larger but not heavy, it can also be laid flat on the surface of the round bar for salt spray corrosion test.

2. V-shaped sample holder for salt spray test chamber

The V-shaped sample holder is made of PVC board, which is divided into 15 degrees and 30 degrees. This depends on the place where the round bar is blocked and the vertical angle of the spray tower. If it is a standard device, it is 15 degrees. If Remove the round bar on the V-shaped sample holder, which is an angle of 30 degrees. The V-shaped sample holder itself can also be adjusted in position. It is suitable for test pieces that require different angles.

3. The bottom of the salt spray chamber

In fact, the bottom of the cabinet cannot be called a sample rack, but some products are very large, such as an entire motor, such as a heavy iron ball, etc. Large and bulky products can be placed on the bottom of the cabinet for experiments, but Pad a wooden pile or a welded PVC board bracket, anyway, as long as it can support a corrosion-resistant support frame, the standard bottom bears a weight of 30KG, or you can thicken the bottom plate according to customer requirements to withstand greater weight, it is worth one As for the mentioned things, it must be explained before leaving the factory, otherwise it will be very troublesome to rebuild after the machine is sent.

The use of each sample rack in the salt spray test chamber

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