Fluorescence technology of ultraviolet weather resistance test chamber

UV analyzer is the application of fluorescence technology, what is fluorescence technology?

First of all, let ’s understand what fluorescence is. Fluorescence is also called “fluorescence”, which refers to a cold glow phenomenon of photoluminescence. UV weathering test box When a certain temperature substance is irradiated by a certain wavelength of incident light (usually ultraviolet or X-ray), the ultraviolet aging test box absorbs the light energy and enters the excited state, and immediately de-excites and emits Long-wavelength outgoing light (usually the wavelength is in the visible light band); and once the incident light is stopped, the luminescence phenomenon also disappears immediately. The outgoing light with this property is called fluorescence.

Knowing what fluorescence is, the ultraviolet weather resistance test box can imagine what fluorescence technology is. Fluorescence technology is that when certain substances are excited by a certain wavelength of light, they will emit light with a wavelength greater than the excitation wavelength in a very short time (10-8 seconds). This light is called fluorescence. The application of this luminescence phenomenon in various aspects and related methods are called fluorescent techniques.

The phenomenon that a substance emits fluorescence after being irradiated with ultraviolet light can be divided into two cases. The first is induced fluorescence, that is, an object is dyed with a fluorescent dye and then emits fluorescence through ultraviolet irradiation, which is called induced fluorescence; the second is autofluorescence, such as Chlorophyll, heme, etc. can emit red fluorescence after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, which is called autofluorescence.

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