Main points and environment of instrument installation of constant temperature and humidity tester

When the customer presses the instrument of constant temperature and humidity tester, pay attention to its installation points and environment. Due to the danger of electric shock, the high and low temperature tester instrument is operated after the installation is powered on (power ON) (note the electric shock). Please do not install this product under the following circumstances:

1. The place where people may come into contact with the binding posts unconsciously

Second, mechanical vibration or shock place

3. Corrosive gas or flammable gas

4. Places with frequent temperature changes

5. Locations where the temperature is too high (above 50 ℃) and too low (below 10 ℃)

6. Places under direct light

7. Places affected by electromagnetic waves

8. Places with heavy humidity (places with more than 85% ambient humidity)

9. Places with many flammable products around

10. Places with a lot of dust or salt

11. Places with strong ultraviolet rays

12. This product is made of fireproof material, please do not install it where there is flammable product.

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