18 creative solutions on the wall to give you inspiration

Flooring seems to be taken for granted, but there are amazing designers who spread the floor on the wall or even the roof. Is it effective? It's really good! Quite a bit of the natural breath of the forest cabin. If you also want to try this creative floor paving method, here are 18 ways to decorate the wall surface for you, maybe you can learn from it.

Floor plan on the wall 1: Warm color floor adds indoor warmth

Comments: The homeowner on the ground chose the off-white marble floor tiles. The large area of ​​paving laid a bright but cold overall space tone. The space is narrow and long, and the height of the storey is high. The off-white marble floor tiles will make people feel cold and cold. The owner took great care in laying out the walls of our commonly used log floors on a large area, including the ceiling and the floor, and later decorated with warm soft fittings. The texture of the log floor is clear, and the warm yellow appearance is comfortable and pleasant under the bright sunlight. On the whole, it is like turning the living room upside down. This design is novel and unique!

Reference price: 380.00 yuan / square meter

Plan two on the floor wall: maintain visual consistency

Comment: Dark walnut laminate flooring extends from the ground to the wall, maintaining visual consistency. There are more beige in the interior, and the choice of brown floor accentuates the warm and heavy indoor atmosphere. The beige wallpaper was chosen once on the wall, and the part covered with the floor was set as the theme background wall of the entire bedroom, which was very prominent, so that people could not move their eyes at a glance. In this way, the floor extending from the ground to the wall is integrated with the interior, but it is eye-catching and adds a little warmth to the bedroom! This brown floor has a somewhat intellectual atmosphere, and at a glance, the owner is an elegant and stable person!

Reference price: 259.00 yuan / square meter

Plan three on the floor: the wall setting corresponding to the end of the bed

Comment: At another angle, the same setting is used for the background wall at the head of the bed to echo the wall setting at the end of the bed. The wall splicing of the floor is very decent, with the bedroom space of the sloping ceiling, the floor is strongly contrasted with the wall paint, and the visual impact is strong. The dark brown floor upper wall adds a bit of warmth to such a loft-modified bedroom. The dark brown floor and the bedside background wall are in sharp contrast with the white wall surface, and the original wooden frame skylight echoes it.

Reference price: 168.00 yuan / square meter

Plan 4 on the floor: a sense of space

Comments: The elegant and original wooden floor is pieced together on the wall of the dining area. The original wooden texture of the floor has a strong natural charm. The unique splicing method makes the wall more attractive. The splicing method of the oblique side of the wooden board, the rough splicing gap, with a touch of casualness and leisure in the novel. And the scars on the log floor have a natural atmosphere, which is fresh in fashion. The whole space is soft and elegant, with a sense of space of the forest. Some people who like natural feelings should like it very much.

Reference price: 249.00 yuan / square meter

Scheme 5 on the floor wall: natural effect

Comment: The ground is a floor tile, but the ceiling part chose the floor, but the decorative effect presented at the end does not make people feel abrupt, but has a natural effect. At first glance, it looks like the floor and ceiling are upside down! The ceiling of the floor is completed in a large area. The peripheral central air conditioning is also small and low-key. With white walls and cotton sofas, the living room is not comfortable enough. The floor tiles have a feeling of coldness due to their material quality, but the use of dark floor tiles and the use of log texture floors as ceilings softens the sense of coldness!

Reference price: 180.00 yuan / square meter

Plan 6 on the floor: more saturated visual perception

Comments: The large glass door allows the Yangguan to penetrate and shine in, and the large and spacious space is brighter. Floor tones are darker, with cotton and linen sofas and beige carpets, the overall space tone is too monotonous and thin. Ingeniously, the bright floor is used as the background wall of the sofa. The clear wood grain, the texture of the joints, the natural atmosphere of the space are rich, and the visual perception is more saturated.

Reference price: 99.12 yuan / square meter

Plan 7 on the floor wall: large area collage into the main color of the wall

Comments: The floor extends across the entire living room wall space, and a large area of ​​collage has become the main color of the wall. Combined with white, logs, and beige soft furnishings, the space is more warm. The wooden floor is used as the wall on all four sides, and thin white wooden beams are also crossed on the ceiling to create the effect of a forest wooden house. The Coffee Table and baskets made of rattan in the interior give the living room a natural and simple atmosphere!

Reference price: 194.40 yuan / square meter

Plan 8 on the floor wall: climb to the roof in the same color

Comments: The space is full of light, and the warm wood tones form a warm autumn home. The refreshing light wood composite floor climbs to the roof according to too many tones in the room, and the large area is spliced. The warmly decorated log cabin is well decorated, which is very decent. The interior is paired with wooden cabinets, bar counters and chairs of the same color to create a cabin effect!

Reference price: 119.02 yuan / square meter

Floor nine wall plan nine: oak floor and wall in one go

Comments: The oak floor and the wall are in one go, and the product oak dining table harmonized with it is set by the window. The benches fixed to the wall are specially set to bring high-quality comfort and enjoyment. The entire restaurant space is warm. Between the two windows and in the long gap are covered with log floors. The white walls and the pale yellow log texture floors are harmoniously harmonious. The TV background wall is also specially decorated with oak deer head ornaments and one side of the wood. The floor and wall echo!

Reference price: 265.00 yuan / square meter

Scheme 10 on the floor wall: texture costume from heaven to earth

Comment: The oak floor with old texture is used to cover the walls and top of the porch to form an extremely elegant wooden porch. Dress up the texture of the space from heaven to earth. The simple ceiling on the wall on the floor and the random treatment of the gap create a retro effect. The top of the porch, the simple four embedded downlights are small and compact, and the yellow light brings a little warmth to the porch!

Reference price: 209.00 yuan / square meter

Plan 11 on the floor wall: the door merges with the wall

Comment: The entire wall is spliced ​​with high-quality oak flooring, even the door is integrated with the wall, as if the setting of the invisible door. The most chic is of course the TV background wall, the perfect wood grain is better than any artificial decoration. The wooden TV background wall is both beautiful and practical, the wood texture is comfortable and natural, the design of the grid on both sides has a strong storage effect, and the fireplace-style cabinet under the TV plays the role of a TV Cabinet!

Reference price: 143.10 yuan / square meter

Plan 12 on the floor wall: with ultra-thin frameless TV

Comment: The designer's creative floor-to-wall design, coupled with the ultra-thin frameless TV with a unique vision from the hostess, complement each other perfectly. The low wooden TV cabinet is matched with the wooden background wall to become a transition from floor to wall! The simple long table as a TV cabinet is simple and generous!

Reference price: 276.00 yuan / square meter

Plan 13 on the floor wall: use color to define different functional areas

Comment: It's still the wall on the floor. The clever combination of different colors has created a pleasant leisure space. The combination of depth and depth is appropriate, and different functional areas are divided by colors, which not only guarantees beautiful appearance but also has a lot of practicality. On the dark walls, fake window sills and cabinets are hollowed out, decorated with natural wood planks with light yellow logs texture, conspicuous but not dazzling, soft and beautiful!

Reference price: 275.00 yuan / square meter

Scheme 14 on the floor wall: the inclined roof design forms a magnificent visual perception

Comments: The space is a fully open design common in foreign countries. The floor is selected with a large area of ​​deep wood flooring. It is matched with chocolate-colored overall cabinets and beige accessories. The space is full of men. The ceiling section, the same floor is extended again, and the sloping ceiling design forms a magnificent visual impression.

Reference price: 148.57 yuan / square meter

Scheme 15 on the floor wall: Discarded old wooden floors with random tones

Comments: The bedroom presents a strong retro accent. The bedside background wall can be spliced ​​at random, with random materials and discarded old wooden floors with random color matching. Instead, decadence gives a chic and delicate beauty. Such a bedside background wall does not need to be too delicately selected, the more casual the more beautiful. As the background wall of the bedside in the bedroom, the random and decadent design will give a comfortable and relaxing effect!

Reference price: 194.40 yuan / square meter

Scheme 16 on the wall on the floor: old wooden floor put up and stick to the wall

Comments: The old room is renovated, the previous floor is too old, don't want it ... Ouba ~ Don't throw it! Take it and put them on the wall. The traces of the years naturally immersed in the floor are the most charming. The dark and wide old wooden floor with the same tone as the floor is placed on the wall and the unique personality of the dining area background wall is completed ~

Reference price: 163.80 yuan / square meter

Plan 17 on the floor wall: embed the TV to form a complete plane

Comments: The design of the apartment in a simple style, the design of the TV background wall should naturally not be too complicated. The deep teak floor is in line with the color of the coffee table, and at the same time meets the basic color matching of the interior, presenting a stylish urban home feeling. The dark teak laminate flooring is used as the main background of the TV background wall, and is left blank in the position of the TV, so that the TV is embedded into a completed plane, and the back is illuminated by spotlights, and the stars are bright.

Reference price: 275.00 yuan / square meter

Floor wall plan 18: Floor splicing on the side of the stairs

Comments: In addition to the colorful TV background wall setting, the floor mosaic on the side of the stairs is also unique. Wood and white are used most in the space, and the fresh and bright space can be presented. Under the staircase, the owner set up a cloakroom. On the outside of the staircase, the same-color light-toned wood floor was selected for paving. The large-area design is diagonally pulled, which is very homey. The decoration is made of comfortable wooden materials, and the matching furniture is also unique. A light blue fabric sofa is used, which is scattered randomly, and then paired with wooden chairs and white coffee tables. It is mainly for leisure and comfort!

Reference price: 163.80 yuan / square meter

The above is the relevant content of the 18 creative solutions that the editor introduced to you on the wall on the floor. Is the new creative idea this time? Only you can't think of it, we can't do it without it! The creativity of the designer is endless, as long as you are willing to see it. Is your home planning to lay the floor? Have you found inspiration from these ideas? Come and share your thoughts with us! If you want to know more related content, please pay attention to this website!

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