RTOP-D Intelligent Artificial Climate Box User Manual

The RTOP multi-segment programmable artificial climate box is controlled by a computer, and has biological culture test equipment with programmable control of temperature and humidity from 1 to 30 stages and illumination from 0 to 3 levels. It can be used as seed germination, nursery, plant tissue culture and cultivation, microbial culture, insect, small animal breeding, drug antioxidant test and environmental test of articles. In order to save energy, the climate box uses intermittent cooling; in order to save costs and reduce the cost, the instrument uses a countdown method, that is, when the remaining time is reduced to zero, the time period is automatically switched or the operation is ended (End).

A Makeup Mirror is a classification of mirrors, mainly referring to small mirrors that are exquisitely designed and easy to carry.


1. After using the makeup mirror, wipe the fingerprints and stains with a soft cloth to keep the product fresh.
2. When the makeup mirror is idle, it can be placed in a velvet bag to prevent air from oxidizing.
3. should try to avoid scraping with hard objects, so as not to cause mirror damage.

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