Technical characteristics of special water-based baking type environmental protection metal paint for steel drum

Technical characteristics of special water-based baking type environmental protection metal paint for steel drum

In recent years, with the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, China's steel drum manufacturing enterprises have begun to use water-based paint to paint steel drums. Through trials by many companies, we found that the quality of most domestic water-based paints is still not good. There are often insurmountable problems in construction. However, there is a water-based paint that has been recognized by the barrel-making enterprises in use. It is a water-based baking type environmentally-friendly metal paint for the SNB-WH series steel drum produced by Chongqing Si Nai Bo Coating Co., Ltd.

The product has passed the scientific and technical appraisal of the National Science and Technology Commission and China International Packaging Corporation; in the same year, it was recognized by China International Packaging Company as a key supplier of packaging steel drums.

First, the technical characteristics of advanced waterborne metal baking varnish

1. Unique anti-corrosion and weather resistance mechanism:

The product uses a resin such as modified acrylic acid, epoxy, polyurethane or silicone as a copolymer to disperse the oil-soluble resin in water to form a thermodynamically stable system, taking into account the composite and splicing technology of the oxidized and self-emulsifying resin. To make the waterborne epoxy get a good balance. A new generation of ion-stable self-emulsifying "core-shell" structured aqueous resin is preferred, which uses a low oil absorption, water absorbing zinc salt, a phosphorus salt, a zinc silicate pigment and a sheet-like high-sealing filler. The three-dimensional network paint film has high hardness, strong adhesion, water, salt, alkali, acid and weather resistance.

2. Advanced process formula and scientific design plan:

The product absorbs the unique formula and process of waterborne anticorrosive primer, topcoat, poly-crosslinking type and emulsifying type at home and abroad. It is scientifically self-emulsifying, taking into account the cross-linking and reaction-based design. Program. The selection of ultra-fine inorganic and non-toxic pigments has enabled the new generation of water-based metallic paints to add the best products to the coating industry of defense, rust and exterior decoration.

3. Excellent environmental safety:

The product uses inorganic non-toxic raw materials, rational use of nano materials, select some inorganic water-based organic water-based polymers, self-emulsifying water-based resin, water as diluent, so it is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, no waste, non-combustible, non-explosive, VOC The content is less than 150, which ensures environmental protection and fire safety, and protects the health of workers.

4. Excellent performance of tough paint film:

The paint film formed by the product has high hardness, scratch resistance, strong adhesion, salt spray resistance, salt water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and old paint. The membrane (aqueous, oily) surface can be reused without causing damage to the paint film and superior film flexibility. The life of the paint film can reach 8-10 years.

5, energy efficiency and energy saving to reduce costs:

The product uses water as a diluent, and the operation is simple, the traditional paint is omitted, and the dilution cost is reduced. The utilization rate of the product is 100%, the work efficiency can be improved by more than 3 times, and the coating area per kg is 8-12 square meters. The installation cost is the lowest in the country, which can significantly reduce the investment costs of enterprises in anti-corrosion labor protection, fire safety, and environmental protection.
Dongguan Zhenhua Packaging Steel Barrel Factory has three years of experience: a 200L steel drum with a paint volume of 0.15-0.2? and a cost of 4-6 yuan.

6, a wide range of applicability:

This product is a high-grade water-based baking metal paint. Due to its unique mechanism, scientific design, advanced technology and excellent performance, it is widely used in alloy products, aluminum products, metal products, instrumentation, packaging steel drums, fuel tanks, electric control cabinets and machine tools. The coating of metal surfaces such as motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and hardware products can also be applied to light industrial products and metal toys, and the surface of telescopes. This product has good compatibility, adapts to environmental resistance, has excellent anti-corrosion property, high decoration and can be reused on old paint film. It is an ideal environment-friendly paint.

7. Technical indicators: Product implementation technical standard number: Q/SNB3―2008

Technical indicators



Paint film color and appearance
Viscosity (23±10C coating - 4 viscometer, S)
Drying time (drying 140-1700C h)
Flexibility mm
Gloss (600 unit value)
Impact resistance
Salt spray resistance (120h class)
Adhesion (picture level)
Water resistance (23±10C 24h)
Oil resistant (90# gasoline, 48h)

Flat and bright, the color meets the standard model and color difference range
No foaming, no falling off
No foaming, no falling off
Except that red allows slight bleed, there should be no bleed

Second, the technical characteristics of the requirements in use

1, surface treatment:

Before painting, remove the ash from the surface of the substrate, such as lime sand, welding slag, oil stains, loose thick rust floating rust, old patent leather and anti-rust oil on the cold-rolled steel plate. For components with high surface requirements, it must be thoroughly derusted. To reach the Sa2.5 level, steel components with low surface requirements or difficult to remove rust can be easily rusted or rust coated.

2. Stirring and dilution:

The paint should be thoroughly stirred and evenly diluted with appropriate amount of clean water (using tap water). The amount is usually 10-30% of the amount of paint. The optimum viscosity is adjusted to 20~40s (coating - 4 cups). Must be used within 30 days.

3. Construction environment:

As long as there is no dust, there are no special requirements, and the use of coarser conditions.

4, overcoating time:

Under normal environmental humidity and temperature conditions, the ambient temperature (23 °C ± 2, ambient humidity 80% ± 5), after 20 minutes can be painted two coats, if the ambient temperature is above 30 ° C, relative humidity below 50% The overcoating operation can be carried out in 10 minutes.

5. Construction method:

This product is suitable for brushing, spraying, dip coating, roller coating and high pressure airless spraying.

6, painting tools:

Brushing should be done with a soft brush (5cm long). The roller should be used with a roller (5mm height). For spraying, the diameter of the nozzle should be 1.0-1.5mm. The spraying pressure is carried out in the range of Mpa 0.25-0.5. Airless spray is selected, the diameter of the nozzle should be 1.0-2.0mm, and the nozzle pressure should be 12-15Mpa. During the construction process, the painting equipment must be used separately. It should not be mixed with other paints or utensils. After use, it should be cleaned with tap water for repeated use.

7, compatibility:

This product can be used with other paints of our company. It can also be used with already dried oily primers.

8, reference dosage:

About 85 grams per square meter (dry film thickness is about 25um).

9, product packaging:

Packed in plastic drums, the specifications are 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg.

10. Product transportation:

Do not invert, break, collide, avoid sun exposure, rain and ice during transportation, and stack height below 2 meters. The transport temperature is maintained in the range of 0-40 °C. The product is water-based, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable and non-explosive, and belongs to the "Non-Dangerous Goods Regulations".

11, product storage:

This product should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse with a superimposed height of 2 meters or less and an ambient temperature of 0-35 °C.

12, product quality:

12 months from the date of ex-factory is the expiration date. If the shelf life is exceeded, as long as there is no knot in the container, after the mixing is even, the inspection technical indicators can continue to be used if there is no change.

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