One hundred years of glamour award-winning best skin care show

NO.1 Dreamtimes dream time

Although there is no celebrity endorsement, Dreamtimes has positioned itself on the characteristics of Asian young people's skin with 20 years of technological research and development results. In the past two years, there has been a wave of DT on the Internet. Become one of Asia's favorite skin care products for young people and the first choice for skin care. The dream effect continues to rise!

Star Products: Dreamtimes M1 Dream Trilogy

Reference price: ¥212/set

Dreamtimes Dream Trilogy is divided into M1 Dream Cleansing Milk, M1 Instant Skin Lotion, M1 HD Dream Milk, Cleansing, Toner and Lotion. Ultra-light formula, transparent skin zero burden; D-SPINO, a high-purity skin rejuvenating ingredient extracted by natural photolysis extraction technology, has excellent skin firming effect, penetrates the skin surface with small molecular water HD2.0 system, and transmits skin nutrition. Power, deep absorption and long-term use, can make the skin feel smooth, shiny, white, firm, and create a dreamlike natural high-definition beauty.

NO.2 The Face Shop Philippine Poetry Shop

Quan Xiangyu, who is well-known to everyone by the popular Korean dramas such as "The Stairway to Heaven", after the post of The Face Shop spokesperson, the brand's sales volume has soared for several consecutive years.   South Korea's cosmetics sales volume, South Korea's cosmetics company's second place, South Korea's export cosmetics brand second place sales.

Star product: Philippine poetry shop marigold shrink pore milk

Reference price: ¥78/150ml

The Philippine poem's calendula series is the first choice for shrinking pores! Extracted from calendula and plant extracts, it can regulate the oil secretion from the face. The burdock extract can converge on the skin, and also improve the skin sensitivity phenomenon and help the repair of acne muscles. There is an absolute advantage in terms of price. The price of less than one hundred meters is enough for many shy consumers to drink a few cups of milk tea!

NO.3 LΛNE GE Lange

Song Hye Kyo’s endorsement of the Lange brand entered the Chinese market for six years, advocating “water scent, fresh and daily”, becoming the favorite of young and fashionable women.

Star product: Lange lock water nourishing sleep mask

Reference price: ¥195/80ml

In addition to the unique deep hydration system, this new sleeping mask from Lange adds vitamin E and yeast extract to make the skin firmer and more elastic. The mid-range price is also a factor in attracting consumers. It has been rated as the annual skin care champion product by many websites.

NO.4 Skin Food Skin Meal

Skin Food with Angel as LOGO is intended to tell female friends that it is the protective messenger of your skin and a natural nutritious food that can feed your skin. Skin Food, which specializes in natural and safe slogans, is a kind of skin care concept that is safe, secure and caring.

Star Products: Skin Food Tomato White Light Osmotic Milk

Reference price: ¥180/135ml

This lotion is rich in tomato extract and altin whitening effect on the skin, inhibiting the secretion of melanin, and making the dull and aging skin glow white and clear and refreshing. Netizens have commented that the whitening effect of the whole set of tomato water series is very amazing!

NO.5 Mamonde Dream Makeup

Dream makeup product slogan "born to show your true beauty!", Han Jiaren's beauty is not a bit tempting for this brand?

Star Products: Dream makeup multi-effect repair essence

Reference price: ¥189/50ml

Tired of a bunch of single bottles and cans? Tired of complicated skin care steps? How can you simplify your skincare steps in a fast pace of life while having a full-effect skincare effect? New dream makeup multi-effect repair series, 12 hours of moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, one step to complete!

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