Buying guide: Three aspects of performance determines that the floor is suitable for floor heating

Many of the current homes are heated by floor heating. Floor heating brings new performance requirements for the floor. Because there are many kinds of flooring on the market, many consumers feel very confused and do not know what kind of floor is more suitable.

In fact, pay attention to the performance of the three aspects, generally can choose the floor suitable for floor heating.

First, the dimensional stability is better

This depends on the substrate density and internal bonding strength of the floor. The higher the internal bonding strength, the better the ability of the floor to withstand temperature changes, and the phenomenon that cracking does not occur. Only the substrate is a relatively dense wood floor. It does not crack or deform at high temperatures for a long time. Do not fear the humid environment, that is, the water absorption thickness expansion rate. Floors used for hydrothermal radiant heating require small dimensional changes in high humidity conditions with an expansion ratio of 2.5% or less. In general, the smaller the expansion ratio, the better the moisture resistance of the floor.

Second, the amount of formaldehyde emission can not exceed the standard

It is required that the amount of formaldehyde released will not exceed the standard under the condition of long-time heating. When consumers choose geothermal floor, they must choose the floor with low formaldehyde content as much as possible. Because the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde is released, the formaldehyde is released in the relatively closed living room, and other indoor items. May exceed the standard, causing harm to the human body.

Third, heat transfer is fast

At present, there are not many brands that can provide heat transfer coefficient on the market, and consumers should pay attention when purchasing. Products with a high general coefficient perform better in terms of heat conduction. Not afraid of high temperature Because the geothermal floor has to withstand high temperature heating for a long time, the performance of the decorative layer of the product is required to be stable. Under the condition of long time and high temperature, the phenomenon of fading and roughening will not appear. The composite floor is more suitable for geothermal heating. Generally speaking, the quality of the imported floor is reached. European Enpr13329 standard, domestic floor quality meets the national GB/T1802-2000 standard, can adapt to the technical requirements of geothermal heating floor installation.

I may have read these general standards. Some readers still don't know what kind of products to choose.

Nowadays, there are many types of flooring on the market, such as solid wood flooring and composite flooring. In general, composite flooring is more suitable for use as a geothermal floor. Because the standard thickness of the geothermal floor is 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, the thickness of the composite floor is mostly 6 ~ 9mm, of which the laminate flooring is mostly 6 ~ 8mm, the three-layer solid wood composite floor is 8 ~ 9mm, the heat transfer performance is better, and its The surface has a wear layer of aluminum oxide, which is good for the rapid diffusion of heat on the surface. The solid wood floor is generally about 2cm thick, and the keel is also used when installing. If it is used as a geothermal floor, there is air between the floor and the ground. The heat transfer coefficient of air and wood is very low, so the heat is not easily transmitted to the surface, which will cause heat. The waste, the surface temperature is not uniform, the temperature difference feels obvious. And the composite floor is pressed at high temperature, and the internal moisture content is very small, so the floor will not be deformed due to the loss of moisture. Each layer of the multi-layer solid wood composite floor is criss-crossed and mutually pinched, and there are dense anti-deformation grooves on the back surface, which decomposes the stress generated by the heated surface, so the deformation amount is small. The solid wood floor has a high water content and is easily cracked and deformed under the condition of high temperature heating for a long time. If you must use ordinary solid wood flooring, you should use the floor with a film-type layer on the back, because it can prevent moisture and waterproof, and can maintain the moisture content of the wood and the humidity of the surrounding environment. The design of the lock floor is more conducive to heat transfer. It is worth mentioning that in the composite floor, the effect of the lock-type floor is better than other products. Because of the small gap between the hooked floor, even if the floor is exposed to heat, It is also not easy to shape after expansion.

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