Landscape architects demand strong industry talent skills training and certification will usher in spring

The landscape designer has been certified by the National Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Vocational Skills Identification Center. This news has caused a good voice in the design industry!

According to the person in charge of the 51peixun organization in Shanghai, the number of landscape architects has increased sharply in recent months. The income of landscape architects is high, and college students hope to be able to engage in this landscape industry. The skill and learning skills have become the trend of landscape architects to start and work. Many college students who study and design have enrolled in landscape architect courses, hoping to learn a skill, start or apply for a job, and the landscape designer certificate is still very high.

Gu Qin, secretary-general of the Shanghai Landscape Society, told reporters that designers have been confused for a long time. On the one hand, fresh graduates have entered the design industry and urgently need a certificate that can prove their ability in order to submit a certificate when applying for a job. At the same time, the incumbent designers who have been working for several years are eager to gain academic recognition.

Although the certificate cannot fully prove the level of a designer, it is doubtful that holding a high-level certificate issued by the state is actually a concrete manifestation of the designer's true level, academic identity and academic status.

For a long time, all walks of life and various departments have launched various certificates, a wide range of names, assessment and certification agencies are also varied, are self-styled authority, self-reputed internationally; in fact, most of them are selling sheep meat, a temporary false certificate, fish eyes mixed It is dazzling and overwhelming; many people are being fooled by the testers; not only lose time, but also lose money, but in the end it is a false certificate! Gradually, the status of the certificate in people's minds is getting lower and lower, and the authority is coming. The worse.

According to the investigation by the reporter, in fact, China has a very complete national vocational qualification system. China's labor law and vocational education law clearly stipulate that the national vocational qualification certificate is an integral part of the national certificate system. It adopts national laws, decrees and administrative regulations. The form is implemented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and is a national certificate that is universally recognized for the qualifications of workers.

It is a proof that the worker has the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a certain occupation, is the knowledge and skill standard required for the worker to have and meet a certain occupation, and the certificate of professional skill identification is the professional standard in society. The embodiment and positioning of the workers.

This system is fully integrated with the national vocational qualification system of the United States, Britain and Germany.

It can be clarified that the competent department of the national vocational qualification certificate has its uniqueness, and the assessment and certification department also has its uniqueness. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and its subordinates of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau’s vocational skills appraisal center It is a legally compliant certificate standard setting, appraisal management appraisal and issuing institution.

The authoritative and influential national vocational qualification system in the industry can establish its legal status and seriousness. The talent training and certification system for the landscape industry will usher in the spring.

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