Shenzhen sexy beauty maker creativity comes from life

The relationship between the value of Yan and IQ has always been publicly stated, and the woman is reasonable, and there is no final conclusion. But Xiao Bian really saw some girls with equal wisdom and beauty. For example, the SexyCyborg that will be introduced in this article is quite high, but she is an uncompromising maker. Can't think of it? SexyCyborg's famous saying is: "Any girl can create, code and hack (Hack, modified)."

Recently, SexyCyborg has designed a series of very interesting LED light skirts. As the name implies, these skirts are equipped with LED lights, but what is different is that these LED lights are not placed outside the skirt, but against the skirt. It started the light inside! (See the picture below) It’s sexy enough!

Perhaps you will ask, where does the energy of these LEDs come from? Don't worry, SexyCyborg also specializes in 3D printing of a black battery pack that can be tied to the waist to power the LEDs. And SexyCyborg also has a control circuit in the battery pack so you can control the color change and flicker rhythm of the bottom light through a smartphone app.

Speaking of this, where is this girl who is beautiful, strong enough, beautiful and smart? You may never think of it, she is a Shenzhen girl who is a fake. Recently, SexyCyborg also participated in the local maker carnival and the activities of hardware hackers wearing this light skirt, which was very popular.

She pointed out that although the battery pack was actually simple, she iterated several times because the first print was uncomfortable and unattractive. The final design of the 3D printed battery pack is even more compact, although still large, but the comfort has improved a lot, and it can support the LED lights for four hours. This battery pack is printed by SexyCyborg on a fairly large 3D printer using PLA material.

“A lot of girls ask where they can buy it. I told them they can't buy it, but I can teach them how to do it themselves.” SexyCyborg said, “...I heard a sour girl say: “If she is Can do, can this be difficult? "...really, this really makes me happy."

“It's not difficult to make. If you can understand the recipe, then you can keep up with the tutorial. Any girl can and should create, code and hack.”

In these creator activities, SexyCyborg attracted many participants' attention with its fascinating appearance, bold ideas, especially her sensitivity and professionalism to 3D printing technology . However, SexyCyborg said she is still in the learning stage and she is still learning digital design based on her own 3D printer. At present, she has mastered some basic knowledge of TinkerCAD and OpenSCAD. The next step of SexyCyborg is to further improve her knowledge of 3D printing. Obviously, this will lead to further interesting designs.

Currently through the App, she is able to control the light skirt to change the light according to different environments. The software is still in beta, because she hasn't learned how to program Android apps, but she has plans to keep moving. She is currently using Ruby and JS. She is ready to continue charging and improve her knowledge in this regard.

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