Sports upsurge boom in local sports goods market in Shaanxi

Sports upsurge boom Shaanxi local sports market slack Date:2015-08-07 23:25

In the past two years, the development of sports has been hot and the number of people participating in sports has grown by orders of magnitude. Behind the hard-won sports such as high school sports, football fever and basketball fever, the sports field is also overcrowded. As an obvious economic phenomenon, the active performance is the increase of sports consumption and expenditure.

Light preparation for physical examination, at least nearly 1,000 yuan extra expenses. General examination of the shoes must be close to 200 yuan, buy solid ball, basketball, football and a set of sportswear, shorts vest, are also added up to 1,000 yuan. As a parent of this year's junior high school graduates, Mr. Jia of Xi'an does not feel that he has increased his financial burden. Having a physical examination in the exam will affect each child's exercise. This is not related to money. This expenditure should be a hard pay for the family. Mr. Wang’s children took part in the examination sports next year. During this summer’s summer, they specifically reported to the sports examination training class. The two men who took the children every day and their children’s classes also bought a set of sports equipment so that they can play at the playground when the children are in class. Run.

After paying attention to the examination sports, Mr. Jia found an interesting phenomenon. Among the numerous sports products he bought, none was made in Shaanxi. Later, I took note of it everywhere. I have never found a product made in Shaanxi. There is no ball, there are no shoes, and there are no goals or baskets. I heard that the site was built by a Shaanxi company and was not confirmed at the end. In the circle of friends, Mr. Jia deliberately wrote a message saying: We have become pure consumers in Shaanxi.

In this big wave sports craze, Shaanxi sports facilities and supplies will hardly make any gains - because there are no local products in the market, they are doomed to despair.

Earlier, Shaanxi was a sporting goods brand. The Yellow River sporting goods are special brands for the national team. Many training equipment and equipment have a place in the Yellow River brand. Liu Hong, president of the Sports Facilities Industry Association of Shaanxi Province, said that the Yellow River sporting goods have swept the country, but in recent years it has been hard to find.

In the recent interview, the reporter has not been able to find the person in charge and technical staff of the original Yellow River plant sports equipment. It was only found on the website of the State Sports General Administration in the early days that it was rated as the best star product in the nationwide survey of sports consumption products. Our factory is a member factory of China Association of Culture, Education and Sports Products and China Sporting Goods Federation. The slogan of the Yellow River Sports Equipment was military quality and reputation first.

Another old factory--Shashan Sports Products Factory in Shaanxi Province, also shares the same assets as today's Shaanxi Tonghui Sports Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. According to the promotion of the company, the company is involved in the production and sales of fitness equipment, sportswear, and sporting goods, but its market awareness is not high.

There are more than 90,000 junior high school students participating in the Xi'an Chinese Examination this year. The number of sports equipment, equipment and equipment purchased, and sports equipment required are huge. No matter whether it is football gates, football or basketball hoop nets, and sports shoes and sportswear, there are currently no Shaanxi-made goods to choose from. The number of senior high school entrance examinations is relatively fixed each year. Year after year, if it is impossible for Shaanxi to manufacture sporting goods to catch up with the key to setting up a brand for a year or two, it is difficult to be recognized and selected immediately after the entry into the market.

During the summer, the reporter visited Yingzhi Basketball Training Camp, Qin Bing Sports Training, and Yuke Football Club and Shaanxi Qinwei Football Club. A number of persons in charge said that the current registration situation is much better than in previous years. Parents are very willing to send their children to sports clubs for training. Some of our training camps have already been restricted. The operating officer of Yingzhi Basketball Training Camp said that the part of the training equipment they selected was even purchased from abroad. We have no choice in the province's products because there is no market. Let us say that local products must be our first choice, and both transportation and after-sales services are convenient.

Faced with the just-neededness of the super-quantitative sports market, the production of sports goods in Shaanxi is almost zero. This is indeed unexpected. Baleno, brand name. The classic lines in “Crazy Stone” cannot cover the shackles made in Shaanxi by sports. We have the Shenzhou series of aerospace manufacturing that can be used on the moon for nine days. We can make contributions to the deep-sea exploration of the dragon, but there is no cheap sports T-shirt or a pair of inexpensive rubber sole running shoes.

Currently, in the field of sports facilities and sporting goods in China, only a company named Kangda in Shaanxi Province is a professional company that was earlier engaged in the design, construction, and installation of supporting facilities for stadiums. They designed and constructed the Beijing Olympics Triathlon III. The project includes the plastic runway project, the 7th National Disabled Men's Games venue project, and the first Guizhou University Games Project. For manufacturing in Shaanxi, it is difficult to meet the growing demands of geographical sports in the face of deep-seated sporting areas, where new areas continue to be thickened, and it is difficult to meet the growing demand for geographical sports. Local benefits and seize the consumer market.

One side is the increasing market demand, while the other is the mottled memory and desolateness. Shaanxi manufacturing in the field of sports consumption has no choice but to build a tree.

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