Amco expands rapidly, constantly acquiring large-scale listed flexible packaging plants with huge capital

   Amcor is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, amcor company specializes in providing rigid and flexible plastic composite flexible packaging products for industries such as food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care, and tobacco . The company has annual sales of US $ 9.5 billion and has 27,200 employees worldwide, covering 43 countries and 180 sites.

May 2014, Amcor flexible packaging company in Indonesia Signs Agreement to Acquire manufacturer Bella Prima Packaging Ltd., the acquisition price of $ 25.2 million. Bella currently has two factories and about 1,000 employees, specializing in the production of shrink sleeves, labels and covers. Amcor also hopes to expand the production capacity of two Indian factories, and the market value of this market is expected to reach 30 billion US dollars by 2015 .

October 2014, Amcor company's expansion plans in Asia began to take shape. According to informed sources, Amcor plans to build a factory in a Southeast Asian country and is currently selecting and investing. This move is also part of Amcor 's growth strategy.

In December 2014, according to news reports, Amcor company spent 211 million yuan acquisition of Chinese enterprises in Zhongshan days Cai flexible packaging packaging company, the purchase price is about 7.1 times earnings. Tiancai Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City, China, with annual sales of approximately 280 million yuan, mainly providing packaging products for the end markets of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It is worth mentioning that after Amco acquired Tiancai, it also added a new business of pharmaceutical packaging, so that existing assets can be beneficially supplemented.

March 2015, sources said, Amcor company to 22 million US dollars acquisition of the flexible packaging sector in South Africa Nampak Holdings Limited.

April 2015, tobacco online news that the global packaging giant Amcor company for $ 30 million acquisition of Brazilian tobacco packaging company Souza Cruz. The tobacco company accounts for 35% of the Latin American cigarette consumer market , with annual sales of about $ 63 million.

Recently, according to the China Plastics and Rubber News, Australian packaging giant Amco continues its global expansion and will acquire Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. (PIPL) for $ 26.4 million from Esso Proport , which is headquartered in Mumbai is a listed company specializing in the production of flexible packaging products.

For almost a year, Amco has been acquiring continuously, mainly in emerging markets in Africa and Asia, which shows Amco's expansion ambitions are so great.

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