Thermal transfer technology (2)

(III) Thermal Transfer Process

The heat transfer process can be referred to as heat transfer. Heat transfer can be divided into the following categories.

1. High-temperature heat transfer: mainly used for cotton and mixed-spun knitwear. Such as T-shirts, pajamas, and so on. The pattern has a photo effect, soft and elastic parts after ironing.

2. Low-temperature heat transfer: mainly used for nylon and PU artificial leather, such as elastic sportswear, swimwear, down jackets, sports shoes, leather gloves, etc., after the hot pattern with the same high-temperature heat transfer. For elastic clothing, excellent elasticity.

3. Flocking heat transfer: a wide range of applications, usually can be used for women's stockings, men's cotton foam, clothing trademarks, knitted children's clothes, etc., the pattern has a three-dimensional effect, and multi-color match, after the hot soft, elastic, strong adhesion.

4. Infiltration foam heat transfer: mainly used for cotton, chemical fiber sweaters, sweaters, jeans and so on. The main feature is infiltration into the fabric, good air permeability, foam part of the three-dimensional sense of strong, convex texture is good, soft hand after hot, strong adhesion.

Hot stamping methods and precautions are as follows.

(1) Align the transfer paper with the pattern on the fabric and place it in the desired position.

(2) Heat with an iron or transfer press for a few seconds.

(3) Remove the backing paper (three methods).

· Cold stripping: After completely cooling, slowly tear off the backing paper.

· Hot stripping: Immediately remove the backing paper while hot.

· Warm off: Wait a few seconds and tear off the backing paper when it is warm.

(4) Silicone paper should be added under the printing surface when hot stockings are used to prevent the hot melt adhesive from infiltrating. General hot stamping process indicators are shown in Table 1, for reference only.

Table 1 General hot stamping process indicators

A footstool (foot stool, footrest, foot rest) is a piece of furniture or a support used to elevate the foot. There are two main types of footstool, which can be loosely categorized into those designed for comfort and those designed for function.

Designed for comfort: This type of footstool is used to provide comfort to a person seated, for example, in a chair or sofa. It is typically a short, wide, four-legged stool. The top is upholstered and padded in a fabric or animal hide, such as leather. This type of footstool is also a type of ottoman. It allows the seated person to rest their feet upon it, supporting the legs at a mostly horizontal level, thus giving rise to the alternate term footrest. High quality footstools are height–adjustable.

Designed for Function: This type of footstool supports a person's feet that do not reach the floor when seated. The footstool is placed under the feet of a sitting person so that the person's feet may rest comfortably on it.  It is also used to make the blood circulation of the body flow more freely when sitting down.

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