A method of heating a package

Patent Name A method of heating packaged goods Patent applicants Trollvall Group and Finance Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address A. Christensen, inventor of Puri, Switzerland; T. Ekstrom; T. Kyle Gade; A. Gleming application (patent) No. 200380107061.8 Date of application 2003.12.11 Award date Approval notice No. 1729126 Approval announcement date 2006.02.01 Manual CD No. D0605-1 Main classification number B65D5/02 (2006.01) I B65D5/02 (2006.01) I; A23L3/10 (2006.01) I; A61L2/00 (2006.01) I Division Original Application No. 2002.12.20 SE 0203862-8 Abstract A method of heating a package, which includes the following Steps: placing a plurality of packages in a distillation apparatus, pressurizing the distillation apparatus to a first pressure by supplying a gaseous medium with a lower moisture content, supplying the same for heating the package and packaging the package A heating medium of the product in the process, in conjunction with the supply of the heating medium, raises the pressure in the distillation apparatus to the second pressure and lowers the pressure in the distillation apparatus in the final stage of the heat treatment in such a manner that it is enveloped. The pressure of the product in the packaging is higher than the pressure in the distillation apparatus outside of the packaging, or equal to the pressure.

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