The future development of aseptic packaging

China has a large population (about one-fifth of the world's total population). It has a vast territory and abundant products, and it is located in the tropics and subtropics. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the further implementation of the policy of enriching the people, the people’s living standards have been continuously improved, the concept of mass consumption has been constantly updated, the tourism industry has become increasingly prosperous, and with the accession to the WTO, the country will be fully open and all aspects will gradually be brought into line with the international standards. Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperation have been further strengthened and the economy has become increasingly active. All these have provided a broad space for the development of aseptic fresh-keeping packaging in China.
The level of development of aseptic fresh-keeping packaging in our country is far worse than the world level. Food packaging for aseptic packaging uses carton packaging as an example. Some countries have an average annual consumption of more than 100 packs, and the world average is nearly 20 packs per person. , And China's per capita annual consumption is only l package.
Aseptic packaging and the proportion of similar packaging The aseptic packaging of foreign developed countries has accounted for more than 65% of the packaging of similar products, and some have exceeded 70%, while China only accounts for 5%.
The growth rate of aseptic packaging has increased by an average of 5% or more per year in developed countries, with a maximum of more than 8%. However, China has experienced a major delay in its development.
Many channels are waiting for us to develop the dairy industry. In 1998, the world’s milk production reached 52.935 million tons, the per capita possession amounted to 103.3 kg, the per capita consumption of developed countries was 312 kg, and the developing countries were 36.5 kg, while China’s current annual milk production 80,400 tons, per capita possession of less than 7 kilograms, due to low production and sales levels, packaging lags behind most dairy companies are still mainly based on milk powder, liquid milk still stay at the scheduled time to send milk-based, mostly using glass bottles or packaging Plastic bags failed to meet the diversified needs of consumers. There was a strange phenomenon of “can't afford to drink while one side couldn’t sell”, which led the dairy industry to a low level of saturation.
In the mid- to long-term development goals of the dairy industry formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture of China, at the end of the “Tenth Five-year Plan”, the per capita amount of dairy products reached 10 kilograms and the total output reached 13.5 million tons. By 2030, the per capita milk consumption will reach 25 kilograms. The output reached 42.5 million tons.

Aquarium Supplies

Having an aquarium is a good way to decorate your house or office. Many people start by having small tanks with a few fish and then upgrade to bigger tanks with more variety.


There are two types of aquarium tanks, either fresh water or salt water, depending on the type of fish you keep. (freshwater or saltwater) There are also different set-ups, chemicals and accessories for each type of tank.


As an Aquarium goods supplier, we supply thousands of essential Aquarium needs. A huge range of aquaria, accessories, food and all necessary equipment to keep your tank clean and healthy.


We supply a big range of tanks – from small through to extra-large. We also supply cabinets to suit all sizes.

We also supply glass reptile tanks and mesh wire cages for reptiles. For small aquariums we supply plastic tanks – with or without handles – ideal for desktops, counter tops etc.

Our large range of air pumps comes in a variety of sizes and modes – a big range of filters from small through to large. We carry a good range of heaters, lighting and skimmers, for fresh or salt water.

Air pumps

Our range of accessories is second to none. Our cleaning products include aquarium vacuum cleaners, siphons, magnet cleaners, a range of tank brushes and water change buckets.

For your tank filtering requirements we have a number of options. Ceramic rings, high active carbon, filter stones, volcanic rocks and soft water resins.

For tank temperature monitoring, we have a complete range of thermometers, including classic glass, digital and hydrometers.

Included in our range of accessories is a large selection of fish nets in various sizes, many sizes of air stones, brass gang valves and plant clippers and scissors.

For tank decoration, we have natural gravels, coloured gravels, ceramic and polyresin ornaments. For botanical decoration we have an extensive range of silk or plastic plants in a huge range of styles and colours.

Plastic Aquarium Plants

We specialize in tank backgrounds – we stock a large range of landscapes and seascapes – in all colours of the rainbow. It`s enjoyable changing backgrounds for your tank – you can alter the environment, depending on the variety of fish you keep.

We supply a range of fish foods – flakes, pellets – in different sizes for different fish breeds. We also have extended feeders for vacation time or for weekends away. Blocks for various time frames – automatic feeders – No concerns about fish not being fed while you are away!


Our range of medicines and water conditioners covers all bases. Water conditioners, water cleaner etc. for tank health. Health booster, white spot treatment, anti-parasite treatment and snail control products etc. for fish health.

Fish Food

For salt water aquariums, we have aquatic hyperbaric regulators, CO2 aquarium cylinders, CO2 pressure regulators, CO2 diffuser sets and CO2 disposable supply sets etc.

CO2 Products


Electrical Requirement:

We can adapt electrical equipment to suit your countries requirements. We can also help with supplying the required certification for you to import into your country


Order Quantity:

One of our advantages in supplying you with our Aquarium Supplies is that we have been in the business for almost four decades. We have a massive range of quality products. Our advantage is that we can supply a very large variety of products to you in smaller volumes than you may be required to purchase elsewhere.

We are flexible in order volume - orders can be supplied LCL or full containers. MOQ can be discussed accordingly.


OEM Service:

Many of our customers have great ideas for Aquarium Supplies. If you have an idea, we are happy to discuss details with you, including volumes, costs and OEM etc. We can also help with developing products.


Aquarium Supplies

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