Talking about Special Hot Stamping Technology

With the rapid development of the printing industry, hot stamping has become an indispensable new processing technology in the printing and packaging industry. The bronzing process consists of traditional stamping and special stamping.

â—† Differences between special hot stamping and traditional hot stamping

1. In the hot stamping process, there is no need to make metal relief printing plates. The cost is low, and the printing speed is fast. As long as there are positive negatives, hot stamping can be achieved.

2. It is suitable for the production of small-volume, multi-type personalized stamping products.

3. Hot stamping temperature is low, 100 to 130 degrees can be.

4. Suitable for large area, hot stamping with fine lines and graphics.

5. Hot stamping substrate is not taken, such as: all kinds of plastic film, paper, leather, metal, glass and so on.

6. Good adhesion to hot stamping substrate. Photosensitive film has high brightness, no yellowing, and no scratch after curing.

Specific hot stamping process

Printing or spray printing photosensitive hot stamping ink → drying → film exposure → hot stamping → finished product.

1. Use a 200-300 mesh screen full of photographic ink or use a spray gun to evenly spray the substrate to be stamped. Liquid sensitizing ink is a transparent varnish that is specially used for various hot stamping. With excellent photographic performance, a very high minimum line width of 0.05mm.

2. dry. Dry with blowing air or dry with a screen-baking baking box. Note that the temperature can be around 40 degrees.

3. Film exposure. The computer is used to design and print the necessary hot stamping images, and the film is output for UV exposure. After exposure to ultraviolet light, the photosensitive film of the non-patterned portion becomes thermoset, and the pattern portion is still thermoplastic.

4. Hot stamping. In the hot stamping process, the adhesive layer of the gold and silver hot stamping foil and the thermoplastic part of the photosensitive film are integrally bonded by hot melt and do not adhere to the thermosetting part, thereby realizing thermal transfer of the hot stamping film. Hot stamping equipment can be used for plastic stamping machine, electric iron, heat transfer machine for hot stamping. The temperature can be controlled from 100 to 130 degrees.

5. Hot stamping products. After hot stamping, the excess hot stamping film was gently peeled off into a dazzling finished product.

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