Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition Leaders inspected Yuhuan Furniture Industry

On September 19-20, 2011, Chen Wanghui, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Zhongmao Huajia Exhibition Co., Ltd., and his team visited the Furniture Association.

Hu Zaigui, president of Yuhuan County Furniture Association, said that after more than 20 years of hard work and hard work, Yuhuan Furniture has developed into a European-style classical furniture production base. Yuhuan furniture enterprises open marketing channels through the exhibition platform, and the products are exported to 60 countries and regions such as the Middle East, Australia and Russia. The export-oriented Yuhuan furniture industry is affected by the global financial crisis, and the export sales are stagnant. The association guides enterprises to transform and upgrade. While stabilizing export sales, it actively explores the domestic market; it specializes in fine, new furniture and increases product added value. Take the road of differentiated development.

Chen Wanghui, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Zhongmao Huajia Exhibition Co., Ltd., said in the discussion, first of all, thank Yuhuan furniture enterprises for their strong support to Guangzhou Zhongmao Huajia Exhibition Co., Ltd.; our goal is to make the exhibition bigger and stronger; The three major elements (enterprise, buyer, service) are indispensable. Our organizers open marketing channels for enterprises, find partners to build platforms, and provide convenient exhibition services. During the exhibition, some things we did not consider, please ask the entrepreneurs for more suggestions, in the next exhibition to be intimate service companies, welcome the eight parties, then Guangzhou Zhongmao Huajia Exhibition Co., Ltd. and a group of 6 people also visited Zhejiang Nuo Bay Furniture Co., Ltd.'s party building activity center.

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