Environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly home improvement are not the same thing. Consumers should be careful to sign renovation contracts.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many consumers mistakenly regard environmental protection materials and environmental protection home appliances as one thing when signing a contract with a decoration company. The owner must distinguish the two when signing the contract, and must also write the pollution problem.

Consumer Bu Mou signed a "Construction Contract for Residential Interior Decoration Project" with a decoration and decoration company to carry out interior decoration for commercial housing. The company promises to use decorative materials that are environmentally friendly. At the end of the project, consumers often feel uncomfortable after they check in, and they can smell a pungent smell when the doors and windows are closed. Consumers found the decoration company to test the indoor air and found that the formaldehyde detection data exceeded the national standard by 6 times. Consumers believe that operators should provide compensation, while operators believe that the decorative materials they use are environmentally friendly products. If there is a problem, consumers should report it to the manufacturer and have nothing to do with the decoration company. In October this year, after the Consumers Association accepted the complaints from consumers, it was reconciled several times, and the operators finally compensated consumers for 1,500 yuan.

For the above cases, the Consumers Association introduced that environmentally-friendly decorative materials only refer to the amount of harmful substances released within the state, that is, there will still be a certain amount of harmful gas emissions. Environmentally friendly home improvement is not just about choosing environmentally friendly materials. It requires comprehensive consideration of design, materials and construction. At the same time, the auxiliary materials should also pay attention to environmental protection, such as adhesives and waterproofing agents. Some inferior adhesives on the market contain large amounts of benzene as well as formaldehyde, halogenated hydrocarbons, and the like. Although the amount of adhesive used in the decoration is small, the pollutants in the inferior product are enough to cause harm to the human body.

Consumers Association experts especially reminded consumers that some decoration companies confuse the concept of environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly decoration, so that consumers only pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials when signing contracts, and ignore the air quality after renovation. For the pollution problems that arise in the decoration, consumers must write into the contract. This can be an effective basis for pollution problems in the decoration process. In addition, consumers should try to choose large and regular decoration companies. When signing an interior decoration contract, they should agree on the terms of default in advance, and they should be written in a promise.

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