Details of the operation process of film tension machine

1. The first step of operation of film tension machine:

2. Turn on the power of the testing machine for 10 minutes, and then open the testing software. In order to check whether the communication between the upper and lower computer is normal.

3. Check after opening the software: limit switch, manual control button, upper and lower computer, whether the work is normal and reliable.

4. Select the desired configuration after the connection is normal, and then set the speed on the upper right side of the main interface.

5. Move the test to a reasonable position and install the fixture.

6. Estimate the lowest position and the highest position of the test bench, and adjust the limit switch. The adjustment of the position of the limit switch follows: on the premise that the test is carried out normally, ensure that the two fixtures cannot collide. If the two fixtures collide, serious consequences will result.

7. Clamp the sample, check the settings again, and "clear".

8. Operation. During a group of tests, do not change the settings and adjust the limit switches at will; the operator should not leave the test machine, and the machine must be stopped.

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