Application Case of Guanya SFY-30 Meat Moisture Analyzer

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SFY-30 Meat Moisture Analyzer Application Case in Food Industry

Foshan Agricultural Products Testing Center

The traditional method for detecting the moisture content of meat takes a long time, which is not conducive to on-site testing and production guidance. SFY-30 Meat Moisture Analyzer is based on the oven principle (pyrolysis principle) design of the most advanced moisture detection equipment. The operation is simple, and the moisture content in the meat can be detected quickly and accurately. The industrial and commercial law enforcement department can check the quality of the meat of the vendors at any time, and the enterprise can be used for on-site production guidance. The detection of meat moisture is one of the most important indicators of meat, because the moisture content directly affects the processing, storage, trade and consumption of fresh meat of livestock and poultry. If the moisture content of meat is too high, the proliferation of bacteria and molds will increase, which will easily cause the spoilage and deterioration of the meat. The dehydration and shrinkage will not only make the meat lose weight, cause direct economic loss, but also affect the color, flavor and tissue state of the meat, and cause fat Oxidation. In recent years, with the improvement of the living standards of urban and rural people, the consumption of fresh meat of livestock and poultry has become greater and greater, and people have increasingly higher requirements for the quality of fresh meat. However, in order to make huge profits, unscrupulous traders have seen a lot of water-flooded meat in the market. With the increase in water-flooded meat, water-flooded meat has become a major nuisance that seriously threatens people's health. Therefore, testing the moisture content of meat has become an important item in business administration and food safety testing.

1. Traditional methods of testing meat

In law enforcement and enterprise production testing, in order to quickly detect the moisture content of products, the method of oven and balance is used for testing. It takes at least 3.5H from sampling to laboratory weighing to the final test result, which is slow and inefficient. If the results cannot be reflected in a timely manner, the law enforcement departments of industry and commerce cannot effectively enforce the law, and it is not conducive to the timely control of water by the production and laboratory personnel of the enterprise.

2. Application of SFY-30 Meat Moisture Analyzer

In order to be able to detect and control product moisture in a timely manner, meet the needs of consumers and customers, and guide production in a timely manner. The testing center uses the SFY-30 meat quick moisture analyzer produced by Shenzhen Guanya to test the moisture content of various meats. It only takes a few minutes to test a sample, which greatly improves the efficiency, and the effect is very good.

2.1 The working principle of the instrument

The SFY-30 Meat Moisture Analyzer is designed using the principle of pyrolysis weight and is a fast moisture detection instrument. While the moisture analyzer measures the weight of the sample, the infrared heating unit and the moisture evaporation channel quickly dry the sample. During the drying process, the moisture meter continuously measures and instantly displays the moisture content% of the sample. After the drying process is completed, the final moisture content is determined. The value is locked and displayed.

2.2. Comparison of the experimental results between the oven and the SFY-30 moisture analyzer (as shown in Table 1 and Table 2)

Table 1

Table 2

2.3 How to use the moisture analyzer:

The product can be connected to a printer and a computer. The instrument operation interface has a zero-setting key, a display key, a calibration key, and a test key. Put the tripod and the sample tray into the fixed position of the instrument, and then turn on the instrument, the instrument automatically returns to zero, then spread the sample evenly in the sample tray, press the test button, the instrument automatically starts heating work. If the moisture of the sample taken is less than 80%, the entire test process only takes 8-10 minutes.

2.4 Effect of use:

It can be seen from the operation flow of the moisture analyzer and Table 1 and Table 2 above. SFY-30 moisture analyzer not only has the advantages of simple operation, fast test speed, high efficiency and so on. And the error of the test result is small, the accuracy is higher than the oven, and it can replace the oven.

2.5 Application effect of moisture analyzer:

The SFY-30 moisture analyzer produced by Shenzhen Guanya can replace the oven as a kind of the most advanced equipment, whether it is for the production and processing inspection needs of the enterprise, or for the guarantee of slaughterhouses and industrial and commercial law enforcement departments in the market spot inspection It is used in the detection requirements of various meat moisture.

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