Convenient and easy-to-carry hexagonal carton

Hagensborg of the United Kingdom launched a new block-shaped chocolate package, the Truffles To Go, a 5.4-ounce hexagonal carton, used to wrap pre-packaged chocolate bars. The new carton was developed by Hagensborg on the basis of its 2.6 oz hexagonal carton package.

The new hexagonal carton is designed for women between the ages of 24 and 35. Judith Mosley, vice president of marketing at Hagensborg, said: “The package design of this product focuses on the free play of European products. After opening the carton, the lid can be re-closed, especially for those who only eat one or two chocolates. People who store the remaining chocolate.” The tray is lightweight and easy to carry so you can carry Truffles To Go with you. The lid on the top of this SBS carton can be opened and re-closed without restriction. Mosley added: "The typical portable packaging design of the carton makes Truffles To Go stand out from other similar products."

Supplier information: Shaped carton: Hagensborg, UK


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