Can't take a bag, it's not the whole home (Photos)

Can't take a bag
Can't take a bag
Can't take a bag
The trend of “soft and hard” services extending from each other in the current home market is gradually becoming apparent. Lu Li
During the creative period, 100% Creative Square was unveiled. Travel around
During the creative period, 100% Creative Square was unveiled. Travel around

At the just-concluded 14th China International Real Estate and Building Technology Exhibition, the overall home has once again become the focus of the industry. Similarly, one of the few highlights of the home furnishing industry in 2012 is the prevalence of the overall home. The downturn in the property market and the shrinking demand have caused the decline in the performance of home furnishing companies. In order to improve performance, many companies have begun to enrich their product lines and build a whole home.

The overall home pursuit of one-stop consumption, but also the experience of consumer experience, the current trend of the "soft and hard" service in the home market is gradually extending. On the one hand, home improvement companies hope to provide overall home improvement services, adding more products in addition to “hard-packing”; on the other hand, furniture brands want to develop to “softer”, with more product categories, even from decoration to products. To the full service of jewelry to attract consumers.

The one-stop service of the whole home from product to design is a supplement to the traditional market. Although the overall home will not replace the traditional sales model in a short time, it will become a development trend. However, the industry must also note that a considerable number of companies do not really understand the concepts contained in the overall home, and the overall home is like a fashionable term, but users do not know why.

Industry development caused by consumption trends

Huazhijie Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the executive chairman of the board of directors, has done research for many years in the overall home. He is also one of the founders of the overall home concept. According to Licensing, the overall domestic home can be divided into three stages of development.

“The earliest proposal for the overall home concept should not be the furniture industry, but the building materials industry within the scope of the home.” Licensing said that in 2008, Beijing Kebao Boloni began to extend from cabinets to OEM or ODM products such as flooring, bathroom and furniture. Put forward the overall home concept. As a result, leading enterprises such as Dongyi Risheng and Shichuang, followed by substantial progress toward the overall home improvement or overall home.

The second generation of the whole home began in 2009. At that time, eight building materials and home furnishing companies such as Nature Floor, Dongpeng Ceramics, Ou Pai Cabinet, Midea Electric Appliances, TOTO Sanitary Ware and Red Apple Furniture formed a championship alliance and began to promote the whole country. Sales, but at that time there was a lack of overall implementation.

Until 2010, the third generation of the overall home gradually formed. At this point, the furniture industry began to try to mention the overall living room, the overall furniture concept, in the second half of 2010, many furniture factories began to integrate products to the overall home concept. Not only that, but also the home improvement industry and design institutions such as Mingdiao·Dandi and Haida have also played the “Overall Home” brand in recent years.

The direct cause of the overall home is the change in consumer spending habits. Xie Hongwei, dean of the famous sculpture and Dandy Design Institute, said that the overall home is nothing more than a combination of building materials, home, home decoration, home decoration and even home appliances. These industrial chains can only be called the whole home if they are organically combined in a business model. From the perspective of home improvement enterprises, Mingdiao·Dandy also advocated integrated home decoration in recent years. “Design, construction, auxiliary materials, and main materials, we have all realized integrated supply. This service trend has also been introduced and praised by more and more owners.”

The staff of the B&Q Luohu store also said that the purpose of adding a home improvement business is to provide extended services to customers. “In the past, when customers came to buy home building materials, they often asked if we had a decoration business and whether we could provide integrated services. In response to this demand, we launched a home improvement business.”

Even if the business does not take the initiative to launch, the impact of a single product on consumers in the terminal is getting weaker, which also becomes the reason for the merchant to launch the overall home improvement.

Tan Guoqing, the brand director of the left and right furniture company, said in an interview with the media that "If you only use panel furniture and the software is not very strong, then it is likely to lose a large part of the customers. In other words, the store needs a lot of things. Supporting its entire image, terminal sales also need related supporting products to support the entire sales. If we only do sofas, it will obviously be constrained in many aspects. The current single product is more and more difficult to survive. So, we will be more Focus on overall development and R&D support."

Pay attention to user experience and create new profit space

At the moment, the home business is in a cold winter, and the industry is slowly moving forward in the process of exploration. Where is the food for the winter? No one can give a definite answer. Some companies have begun to shrink their front lines and tighten their belts; others have begun to boldly try new models and seize the opportunity to expand against the trend. The reporter noted that a large number of home furnishing companies have invested a large amount of financial and material resources in the overall household products to increase the added value of products and increase profits.

In recent years, the trend of household consumption integration has become increasingly obvious, so the "one-stop service" marketing concept came into being. Such companies have begun to focus on overall benefits, extending product lines and gradually expanding into multiple categories or overall homes. The attractiveness of the overall home is in its ideal market prospects. Last year, the sales volume of European cabinets continued to grow steadily, but the sales volume of its new product wardrobes exceeded 50%; the Shangpin home has been launched for 7 years, and now it has more than 400 stores nationwide. There are more than 20 in the deep area.

At the same time, the reporter found that whether it is a home improvement company or a furniture brand, when talking about the business "cross-border", companies value the user experience, not sales. In terms of overall home, many home furnishing companies in Shenzhen have made innovative attempts. Among them, Weidu Furniture can be described as one of them.

This year, the newly expanded industrial zone of Weidu has nearly 200,000 square meters. It has carried out strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute and Central South University of Forestry and Technology respectively. It has invested heavily in the introduction of German advanced furniture production line equipment and hired a team of senior designers from high salaries. Marketing elite talent. At the same time, Weidu has continued to expand its product line and test the new home model. Weidu invested nearly 10 million yuan in the Tongle private city of Shenshen Road to create a 3,000 square meter unique home experience museum.

“In the past, we were taking a small and refined two-bedroom home development route. Now we are moving towards the overall home. Previously we only produced sofas, supporting guest and restaurant furniture. Now we have not only added custom wardrobes, soft beds and other bedroom furniture, but also The daily necessities such as soft bags are also included in the overall home experience museum, ranging from bedding products to small towels.” Jiang Dianyi, general manager of Shenzhen Weidu Furniture, said that this way, Weidu solved the single product. The lack of competitiveness and the follow-up by the peers, the problem of squeezing the profit space, the overall home packaging sales, the profit margin has also been guaranteed.

At the same time, Weidu also developed the “Weidu 3D Real Scene Demonstration System” software, which further provides consumers with the convenience of free combination of space furniture and free color matching . “I believe that the overall home marketing is not only to create a consumption model for the consumer experience museum, but also to provide dealers with a distribution model for overall home purchase.” Jiang Dianyi commented on the overall home.

Concept is abused overall home furniture

At the symposium on CIHAF2012 China Real Estate Engineering Home Furnishing Development Trend held during the Housing Fair, delegates introduced that the domestic overall home market has great potential. There are about 4,000 brands in the cabinet and wardrobe market. The market is growing very fast, and the industry growth rate is over 30%. There is a lot of room for development in the home furnishing retail market and the real estate decoration market. According to survey data, in the next five years, the total domestic kitchen demand will reach at least 29 million sets, with an average annual market of 5.8 million sets and a market share of 60 billion.

In this way, the overall home market potential is sufficient, but can consumers really accept this new marketing model?

Ms. Hong, who is currently renovating, told the reporter that she can see many matching and many products at the same time in the overall home, saving time and effort. But she is particularly worried that their mix is ​​ready-made, will there be a stereotype. "What I want is a personal home, I want to be different." And Mr. Wang has no certain style for his home improvement. He feels that the overall price of the home is slightly higher, and it may cost more than buying furniture and accessories separately. In addition, he is worried about buying these furniture, and then with other accessories, it looks disharmonious.

It can be seen that although consumers prefer one-stop shopping , they hope that the products are more flexible, flexible and have a certain level of design. Otherwise, there are still many consumers who are willing to choose traditional home decoration design and shopping mode.

It is worth emphasizing that in this trend of overall home development, there are still some enterprises that have remained calm and have chosen to stick to their own duties. Sofia, which is among the best in the custom wardrobe industry, is still holding on to the wardrobe industry, and its adherence to the strategy has brought about a benign development under the premise of poor environmental conditions. Sophia's third-quarter earnings report showed that the company's revenue was 784 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.5%, and the performance achieved a contrarian rise.

According to the person in charge of the Sofia marketing department, Sophia has tried diversified development many years ago. Bond cabinets and ICON Floors were once the brothers of Sofia. But now Bond cabinets have changed hands, and ICON Floor has become an independent operating company. "Because the Sofia boss believes that it may be better to focus on one thing." In addition, TATA wooden doors are also focused on the e-commerce model as always.

As the overall home furnishing market has grown, in the home furnishing industry such as furniture and home improvement, a considerable number of companies have abused the overall concept of home, which has made the overall home a fashionable term, but the users know that they do not know why.

Taking the furniture industry as an example, industry insiders said that many companies take it for granted that the overall home is simply integrating the product line, from the original single-category product production to the whole house suite furniture production, plus the soft assembly sleeve. Called "the whole home." It is frank that the overall wind that rises in this furniture industry should be called “integrated furniture”. It is only because of the addition of soft accessories such as jewelry that it has a reason to move closer to “home”.

In this regard, Shenzhen Fuzhidao Furniture, as one of the first manufacturers in the industry to propose the overall concept of home, they believe that the overall home in the terminal to truly achieve the "stay in the baggage", can be regarded as the true sense of the overall home. COO Lisha of Fuzhidao's overall home business department believes that compared with the building materials industry, the furniture industry is more "integrated and home".

Winter home improvement is not a must

"Rookie" Literacy Handbook

At the end of the year, it is the peak period of delivery. Many citizens hope to move into new homes before the New Year, but the traditional concept of decoration is that “the winter is not suitable for earthmoving.” According to industry analysts, for the South China region with an average winter of only 21 days, before the Spring Festival A few months of renovation is also a must.

According to the person in charge of the decoration of the South China area of ​​B&Q, cities such as Guangdong and Fujian are not in the harsh winter (that is, the temperature is higher than zero and there is no freezing). Winter is actually a season suitable for decoration.

In terms of building materials, winter wood has the lowest moisture content, good drying degree, and wood is not easy to crack and deform. Moreover, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference can test the quality of wood and construction. It takes only one or two months, and the potential problems will be reflected. At this time, the paint has not been painted and can be modified or removed immediately. At the same time, the humidity and temperature in winter are also suitable for the large number of sandwich panels, all kinds of plywood, gypsum board, plaster line and other plates.

In addition, winter construction does not affect the paint effect of the paint. The quality of the paint will directly affect the final effect of the decoration. Because the weather is generally dry in winter, the paint naturally dries quickly, which can effectively reduce the adsorption of dust particles in the air. At this time, the paint effect is best.

From the perspective of cost, due to seasonal reasons, the price of materials on the market is lower, which can save part of the renovation costs. In addition, the overall renovation work in winter is less, and the workers will be more elaborate in construction; many decoration companies will also allow multiple designers. Work together to make a design and the service is in place.

Of course, it is not to say that there are zero defects in winter home decoration. There are also some drawbacks. For example, because the plate itself is in a contracted state, if the installation is too dense, the plate will be inflated and deformed when the summer temperature is hot. In addition, the sudden drop in temperature will cause the paint surface and the wooden interface to shrink sharply, causing various cracking phenomena.

Therefore, after the winter decoration, the focus of acceptance should be on the seams, stickers, stickers, and carefully check for cracking. For wall tile inlays, it is best to use a small hammer to gently tap the corners and the middle of the wall and floor tiles. Under normal circumstances, there should be no hollow sound. If the gap between the wall and the floor tile is strict, the entire plane should be flat. In addition, you should carefully look at the floor for obvious gaps and unevenness. However, in the winter, the wooden floor should be properly seamed, so some gaps are allowed.

Dialogue with Zhang Jun, Secretary General of the Home Design Professional Committee of Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association

Let "Shenzhen Home Design"


Shenzhen's furniture manufacturing and design industry once led the country, but in recent years, with the constant changes in demand and the deterioration of the market environment, traditional furniture manufacturing design is also facing the pressure of industrial upgrading and transformation. During the period of December, the Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association's Home Design Professional Committee was established and held a licensing ceremony. In addition to the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, which has been molded for many years, it has added a special focus on “home design”. Committee.

As an important measure launched by Shenzhen Shunying Home Furnishing Industry Transformation and Upgrading, can the establishment of the Home Design Special Committee solve the most urgent design innovation, mismatch between manufacturing and design, and lack of talents? In the future development, can the special committee gather a large number of domestic and international outstanding designers to help build the local home furnishing brand and original design in Shenzhen? Can you take the lead in the "Shenzhen Home Design" brand and the Shenzhen home design company to the international stage? Recently, the reporter interviewed Zhang Jun, secretary general of the Home Design Professional Committee of Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association.

Let foreigners understand Chinese design culture

Nanfang Daily: Shenzhen has some mature industry organizations in the furniture industry. Why did you set up a professional home design committee during the creative season this year?

Zhang Jun: The home design committee is more focused on the furniture sector, facing the entire home design, furniture, accessories, lighting, including interior design, etc. are its scope.

Shenzhen's furniture and accessories-related industries are developing rapidly and have great influence. However, we lack specialized organizations and platforms to allow us to better communicate with foreign countries and participate in the international stage of display and competition. At the same time, in recent years, how to make the government pay more attention to home design in the development of market competitiveness is also a concern of the industry.

Nanfang Daily: You mentioned that Shenzhen's home design industry has to appear on the international stage and participate in international competition. Is it based on the current needs of industry development?

Zhang Jun: China design looks at Guangdong, Guangdong design looks at Shenzhen. At present, the whole Shenzhen is still in a position to lead the country in terms of home design. However, as far as the whole industry is concerned, communication with domestic and foreign counterparts, especially foreign home designers, is relatively rare.

This year, we went to Northern Europe with the Industrial Design Association, exchanged with foreign counterparts, and also connected with their design associations and companies. After understanding, we found that there are still many gaps. It is precisely because of this that we hope to deepen our exchanges with international counterparts, and even compete with them on their platforms to find our gap.

Nanfang Daily: Compared with the leading design of international home design, what are the advantages and gaps of Shenzhen?

Zhang Jun: In a strict sense, the best furniture design is Italy. Many designs at Milan show may be the trend after 20 years in China, but domestic design companies still need to face the domestic market. Only after people's needs change, home design will have a big change.

I don't think Chinese designers are worse than foreign countries. I can only say that we are influenced by different cultures and markets. Foreign designers are faced with an international market, and we are facing the Chinese market. The thinking of the two is different, and the design made is different. The localized design contains the cultural heritage of China, and we also need to go out and let foreign people recognize the culture in our design.

This month, Mayor Xu Qin hosted a conference on promoting the development of industrial design. He proposed how to promote industrial design to high-end, internationalization and branding. In fact, the government has given a very good incentive mechanism, many designs in Shenzhen. The company is developing at these points.

Establish a service platform for industrial design

Nanfang Daily: In your opinion, what are the problems facing Shenzhen's home design companies?

Zhang Jun: Of course, there are also some problems. For example, in terms of talents, how do we introduce high-end talents? The high-end talents in Shenzhen are not rich. Many of the high-end talents cultivated in our country are not in Shenzhen after returning to China, but in the north. Similarly, many international talents are not the preferred Shenzhen. This is because the influence of the entire Shenzhen home design brand is still somewhat different from that of Beijing and Shanghai.

Nanfang Daily: In order to improve these dilemmas, what measures does the committee take in the next work?

Zhang Jun: We hope that we can organize a group to participate in domestic and international exhibitions, and build an overall “Shenzhen Home Design” brand through exhibitions to increase its international reputation. In addition, the 100% Creative Plaza project of the Special Committee has gathered public service functions such as information exchange, design transaction, financial services, high-end training, designer salon, etc., to attract domestic and international influential innovative industrial brands to enter the park, such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and other well-known creative and design regions and countries will set up offices here to promote external information exchange and cooperation, and create an international and domestic docking window.

In addition, the association took the lead in organizing the Shenzhen Home Design Committee to enter the park, with the layout of “One Gallery and Two Pavilions”, namely the Design Gallery and the Modern Home Design Museum and the Contemporary Metal Art Museum, to achieve a seamless link between creative design and industry. The association will also set up a large public service platform specifically for industrial design. This is the only modern information research center established in Shenzhen for the creative design industry. It will provide the most complete creative designers for all the designers in the park and throughout Shenzhen. Public information service.

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