Brand new dairy packaging popular campus

The Spider-Man(R) series of taffy-flavored milk products is now entering various campus restaurants. This time, the popular superhero appeared on top of the dairy packaging box, transforming the dairy products that had always appeared in a very soft image into an image of an extraordinary power drink. In order to make schooling students more nutritious, New York's ESE Dairy Company is now promoting a low-fat, low-sugar Shake`n Sip product line nationwide. Compared with normal whole milk, this milk contains 35% less sugar and 25% more calcium and protein. This eight-ounce milk is supplied by Tetra Pak. The product is divided into four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and caramel. ESE believes that this packaging and taste, which are specially designed to cater to children, will make this new type of milk more appealing to children. Because Spiderman is printed on the box, the person in charge of the school's diet work hopes that the children will be able to drink milk at school as a fashion. The pattern on the box was designed by The Ransom Group.

Because of the need for frequent refrigerated transport, this leads to high storage costs, so ESE believes that what schools need is an innovative solution to the challenges that schools have to provide students with more milk. The newly packaged milk can be stored for up to six months without refrigerating, and it is only necessary to refrigerate it slightly before drinking. Currently, the counter sales of the Shake `n Sip series are in good condition, providing sufficient opportunities for expanding product sales and eventually occupying the school market. The director of child nutrition at the Vacaville United Campus in California said: “We want to further promote the sales of milk at school, and now everything we do is to achieve this goal. The packaging of milk should also be like the packaging of other drinks. It is not only interesting, but also continuous innovation."

Source: Packaging Digest China

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