Science of Corrugated Box and Honeycomb Structure (I)

Scientific discovery, invention, development

As early as 148 years ago, the British discovered the corrugated structure and invented the corrugated packaging. After another 15 years, Americans invented single-sided corrugated cardboard to process cartons. After another 64 years of development, double corrugated paperboard came out. For more than half a century, the scientific development of the corrugated structure was more perfect and mature, and it has become half of the entire commodity package. The Western technology of corrugated structure reached China and only has a history of 20 to 30 years. Now it has basically reached the modern level.

After discovering the honeycomb structure, Americans invented the 75B alloy honeycomb panel and applied it to the modern military industry. Then it was converted to civilian use, inventing the honeycomb cardboard and processing it into honeycomb packaging. In addition, it has developed a variety of honeycomb composites, opened up a vast market, and created a scientific miracle.

China's cellular technology was first introduced by military industry units from abroad for use in military products, and then transferred to civilians, prototyped honeycomb composite cardboard, and developed honeycomb packaging. However, the development is not fast, the companies are not big, the products are few, and there are many difficulties. In recent years, people of insight in the packaging industry in China have developed new packaging products and promoted them. The new structure is basically derived from corrugated and honeycomb structures, and some are called "tiles and tiles."

Corrugated structure development

The corrugated cardboard box has been manufactured using the scientific principle of corrugated structure. After nearly 150 years of hard work, practice, and continuous intensification by packaging professionals around the world, the corrugated structure has reached its limit, and further development requires the development of a new world.

Corrugated box mechanization

After the corrugated structure was discovered by the British people, it began manual production and then manufactured equipment. It used machinery to produce cartons, and from stand-alone to single-sided machines, it developed into a corrugated production line. Currently, there are three, five, and seven-layer production lines for processing corrugated cardboard. Mechanization has also been achieved through post-processing carton forming. The width of the doors made by the corrugated machinery is 1.4 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 2.O meters, 2.2 meters, 2.5 meters, and 2.8 meters. The quality and style of the products have fully met the requirements of market users for corrugated boxes.

Corrugated size (shape) basic shape

Corrugated structure A, B, C, F type, the production of corrugated boxes generally choose A, B, c type, F-type production of corrugated color printing carton packaging. It has become a common sense to select tile types for different corrugated board requirements.

Corrugated box production market

Corrugated box production has been fully market-oriented. The specialization of the “concentration of system board” and “decentralized system” in the carton industry is a sign of market modernization. In the future, we must further improve the professional division of labor.

Corrugated box serious supply and demand surplus

Corrugated box industry is generally ahead of economic development. Although corrugating technology is not a highly sophisticated science, the production from corrugated machinery to the production of corrugated boxes is very complicated. After the high-grade corrugated production line and the advanced back-channel printing slotting machine are solved, the supply and demand of corrugated boxes are in excess. As far as the country is concerned, the operating rate of corrugated machinery averages around 50%. Excessive equipment, under-employment, fierce competition, low efficiency, and industrial turmoil have created a long-term serious excess in the entire corrugated box industry.

Some people claim that corrugated cartons are Chaoyang Industries, and that corrugated cartons have a strong vitality. Corrugated cartons occupies an important position in the entire packaging. However, it must be admitted that after one and a half centuries of development, the corrugated technology has entered the ageing world and must seek new vitality.

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