Method for dispelling bubbles between cup surface and paper of cup during thermal transfer

Patent name: Method of repelling bubbles between the cup surface and the paper of a cup during thermal transfer Patent application number, publication number: 1530241
Application Date: 2003.03.10 Public Day: 2004.09.22
Applicant: Taiwan Gosei Technology Research Co., Ltd. The present invention provides a method for removing air bubbles between a cup surface of a cup and a photo paper. The method is used for photothermal transfer of a cup surface on a photo paper to transfer the cup surface to the photo paper. When the image is transferred to the cup surface, remove the air bubbles between the paper and the cup surface. The method includes attaching a photographic paper to a cup surface, providing a roller and using a roller to roll out the air bubbles between the photographic paper and the cup surface to completely transfer the image on the photographic paper to the cup surface.

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