Case Design Analysis of Packaging Box (2)

6. Use the Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangle and adjust the size to 80 x 52mm. Select the rectangle and then select the 80 x 64mm rectangle filled with the pattern. Press the "C" and "T" keys to align the drawn rectangle. The top of the rectangle. Then select the 80 x 52mm rectangle, hold down the Ctrl key and use the mouse to drag the small black block on the side. When the rectangle is turned over and release the mouse, the rectangle is located on the rectangle with the pattern. , and then draw a small rectangle, the size is adjusted to 35 x 52mm, and it is aligned to the bottom of the rectangle drawn in the previous step, and then aligned with the center of the rectangle of the text; then draw a rectangle, resize 80 x 15mm, And align to the top of the top of the rectangle, as shown in Figure 4:

Next is to modify these flips.

7. Use the Betz curve tool, click the mouse at any point, hold down the Ctrl key, press the mouse at another point in the vertical direction, that is draw a horizontal line, the work is not over, press the Ctrl key to move the mouse Another point in the horizontal direction, that is, in the original vertical line based on a horizontal segment again, and then click the mouse to start the first point of the establishment of the segment, the figure is closed, a triangle, adjust its size 5 x 15mm then align to the right of the flip and copy one to the left. Figure 5:

8. Use the shape tool to pull the upper right corner of the triangle outward so that the triangle wraps around the top right corner of the flip C, as shown in Figure 6:

(to be continued)

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