Automatic vacuum forming machine RV74b

ILLIG automatic vacuum forming machine is suitable for manufacturing a small number of various packaging containers, the mold is easy to manufacture, the price is moderate, and it can be produced in a small number of different ways. This machine is equipped with 2bar pressure forming function to improve the mechanical operation efficiency, and is most suitable for industrial and electronic packaging.

Silicone cases for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS consoles.Silicone Soft Gel Protection Case Cover For NDSL NDS Lite,

we are a professional and leader Chinese exporter of Silicone PS4 controller case,Customization options can provide the perfect complete solution that can significantly increase productivity.Providing a variety of complex shapes design. Membrane in the same piece electrically heated heating circuit can be designed and holding circuit,we are looking forward to your cooperation.

Ds Silicone Case

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