Analysis of Export Commodity Packaging Design and World Folk Culture (I)

Abstract: The consumer goods of export commodities are in different countries and different ethnic cultural environments. Consumers’ ideology must be influenced by many factors such as the country’s politics, economy, folk customs, and cultural environment, resulting in different consumption. Habits and hobbies. After China's accession to the WTO, the packaging design of export commodities, “restricting access to the country” and “doing as the Romans do” allow designers to learn more about some of the world's folk culture so that the targeted design of export goods packaging is an invincible position in international trade. One of the guarantees.

Keywords: export goods packaging design world folk culture into the country asked to ban in the country

The study of export goods packaging design and world folk culture is like exploring the world. It is a wonder that the world is big. Because of various reasons such as politics, religion, and customs, countries in the world have their own special preferences in the use of language, numbers, patterns, and colors. Therefore, when designing the packaging of export commodities, it is necessary to understand well the customs and habits of the relevant countries and regions so as to avoid the loss of trade.

I. Discussion of World Folk Culture

Folklore, also known as custom, is a kind of living habits. As the saying goes, “accepted by nature” and “habits become nature” express the customs that are formed by certain people living and developing in a certain geographical environment. Life becomes a habitual behavior that is unknowingly emulated by each other, over time, as a result of inheritance. Therefore, the customs have naturally occurring characteristics. All behaviors and habits related to human life, such as clothing, food and clothing, leisure and fun, interpersonal communication, religious etiquette, festive holidays, cultural psychology, and even production style, can be called customs, so no matter which national nation, in which In regions and time periods, customs are always associated with living habits.

Customs exist with life, where there is life, where there is a tradition of customs, how long is human culture, and how long it is custom. Where there is human activity, there are all kinds of customs. Regardless of the region, no matter which country or nation is in any period, or whether the performance of customs varies greatly, if there is life, there is a tradition of its own. Without exception, it shows the characteristics of commonality, and it has almost nothing in its content. Without packaging, it permeates all aspects of material life and spiritual life, and is conventionally accepted by its own ethnic group to distinguish it from other ethnic groups. Therefore, customs are an important indicator of ethnic identity.

Customs are a collective style of living formed by the unconscious experience of many individuals. It is a reflection of people’s actual life journey. There are light and darkness here; wisdom and foolishness; progress and retrogression; reasonable and unreasonable. There is also a habitual existence that is unreasonable and unreasonable; a region that is taboo in this area may be welcomed as a group, which is considered as beautiful in the ethnic group and may be considered ugly in another ethnic group. Customs themselves have their own advantages and disadvantages in the development of society. Follow the trends, the natural selection trend, and the old customs are often replaced by new customs. The process of this new and old renewal depends on the nation’s own preferences and choices. Become a new life experience. Nowadays, Valentine's Day is sending roses. This is Western fashion. This is the worldwide shift of customs. Customs also have inherent motivation to keep up with the times. Bringing together the habits and habits of stability and variation, obedience and renewal, spontaneous and reconciliation, and individuals and groups that are incompatible with each other and can operate on their own are the most abundant and complex forms of human culture. Ethnic cultural psychology is a deep-seated and profound accumulation of national character in the social customs along the generations. It manifests in the common consciousness of the nation's emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and habits, and it has a mechanism to achieve stable inheritance in various twists and turns. What really makes the nation a community is the value guideline formed by these common consciousnesses.

Culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical development. It includes values, ethics, religion, fine arts, art, and fashion customs. Anthropologists agree that each culture has three characteristics: first, cultural non-genetic things, but acquired by people; and second, knowledge, beliefs, ethics, habits, and other various cultural elements. Interconnected and varied populations; secondly, culture consists of the intellectual behavior of members of specific social groups. It not only reflects our own behavior, but also reflects our requirements for the behavior of others.

Culture has both personality and commonality. Different cultures create different personalities. Different cultures have different personality standards, which will divide people in the world into Chinese culture, French culture, Japanese culture, and American culture. Different cultures share some common characteristics. These cultural commonalities reflect the common human instincts of humanity and reflect the common needs of mankind to cope with material and social environments. Barnes includes age, gender, social organization, government, family, accommodation, medicine, property rights, religion, tool manufacturing and trade.

Cultural differences will create difficulties for the development of packaging design for export commodities, but not all designs need to be accepted through cultural changes. In fact, many successful and highly competitive designs are completed through "Cultural Adaptation Strategies." By its very nature, it is the use of a "improvement measure" that fits as far as possible to existing cultures to promote the penetration of "similar goods packaging." Designers must have such understanding, as long as the hard work, whether successful or not, it will give a certain brand of culture.

In many environments, the cultural environment is the core factor affecting the packaging design of export goods because:

First, culture infiltrates all aspects of marketing activities. Products such as products must be designed in accordance with the cultural characteristics and requirements of different countries. Prices should be priced according to different values ​​and payment capabilities of consumers in different countries. Distribution should be based on different cultures and customs in each country. Distribution should be designed according to the cultural characteristics of each country.
Second, export packaging design constitutes an integral part of culture and promotes the development of culture. It not only adapts to culture but also creates new culture, such as creating new demands and new ways of life.
Third, the effect of export packaging design is judged by the culture. Consumers' acceptance of products is a reaction to their cultural awareness.

To adapt to a country's folk culture is easy to say, but it is very difficult to do it. This is because the folk culture environment can fundamentally affect people’s perception of the world and social behavior. That is to say, people’s behavior does not exist at any time with a self-reference criterion. When we enter an exotic culture, self-referential norms will work. Each kind of folk culture is unique. In the packaging design of export goods, we should remember that there are no distinctions between the right and wrong, the good and the bad, and the difference in the world folk culture. Only by comprehensively understanding the national conditions of exporting countries and targeted designs can we know ourselves and be invincible.

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