World leading paste cassette and quality monitoring equipment

Valco is a leader in precision liquid spray and quality assurance equipment suppliers. It provides cold glue and hot melt adhesive system equipment for customers in different fields such as packaging, assembly, paper coating, print processing, and paper container production. The need for reliable bonding in a variety of production processes for a wide range of users.

Since 1952, Valco has provided customers with the most diverse choices through unremitting reform and innovation. Its various types of spray valves and stencils cover a wide range of sizing solutions and gluing processes. In addition to its manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, Los Angeles, California, Triford, UK, and Gallun, Germany, Valco also provides timely and quality services to its customers through its global sales and service network. Valco and Bobst, International, Jagenberg and other world-known folder gluer manufacturers have maintained a continuous development and deepening of cooperative relations.

Valco's sizing and quality control compounding system provides today's carton manufacturers with an entirely online process monitoring capability that can be fully integrated with any folding box process. Through an exclusive application of custom-coded markings, Valco's system can perform a 100% on-line inspection of the product at a line speed of up to 14,000 cartons per hour. Valco also offers a dual reader configuration to handle some special double-sided printing paper cassette application. Additional sensors can be added to the system for gluing effect and glue level detection, window opening and plug-in detection on paper cards, paper feed skew detection, and multi-layer feed detection. As a post-execution mechanism for various inspections, the system can also be equipped with a waste paper card rejecting device, a defective paper card labeling device, and a high-speed glue dispensing gun that can complete the process requirements for complex gluing patterns provided by Valco.

Stable and reliable MIS software system

Valco's production process data management information system (MIS) software ensures stable and reliable real-time and post-mortem monitoring of the production process. Through serial communication interface between Valco's OT-100 control terminal and industrial PC, this software can carry out advanced data statistics and analysis on the production process and visually display the results. The on-site data acquired in the production process will be stored in a personalized database that can be established by the user according to his own operating habits and needs. The operator can recall these data at any time to check the quality data of any on-line production or completed order products, and in turn generate various personalities according to user-specified criteria for the overall production status of a folder or folder gluer. Production report.

The production process data management information system (MIS) software can also transmit advanced production process statistics and analysis results to the remote display for real-time display. Even up to six production lines can be processed simultaneously in the system. Processing, which allows the production status of multiple folder-gluers to be queried and controlled at any time by the operating console. The MIS software is also able to run a product stack monitoring system by online confirmation of the product's bar code through a laser scanner mounted on the way to the product stack. The MIS software can determine whether the finished cartons are delivered to the correct stack.

Convenient OT-100 touch screen

Valco's OT-100 control terminal is a complete touch screen data input system. It serves as the man-machine interface of Valco's MCP-/MCU-series controllers, allowing the operator to have more intuitive and comprehensive control over all spray and quality assurance functions. The OT-100 control terminal can integrate up to 16 different valves and sensors for a variety of specific applications. The OT-100 control terminal can also be used in Valco's other high-tech process control systems, such as the high-performance MARS waste edge removal system. In fact, all the folding box application processes mentioned in this article can be managed and run by a simple OT-100 touch screen. The speed of the equipment can be up to 600 meters per minute.

Different types of detection sensors

According to the different applications of different customers, Valco can provide different types of on-line detection sensors so that one system can meet the needs of many applications.

Color code readers are an indispensable and important tool in high-speed production. The reader can accurately monitor color bar codes, aluminum foil or black and white bar codes. The operator can independently set the allowable tolerance range of the bar code or its gap, so as to draw up different quality standards. Valco's color code readers have monitoring capabilities that other readers do not have. Standard readers can only monitor color accuracy, but an electronic security system code (EMS) can provide you with more information. The EMS code includes a series of bar code and graphic symbols to monitor the possible chromaticity errors, color leakage, color density, print order number, horizontal and vertical cutting deviations, card skew, and overlapping feeds that may occur during the printing process. problem. Because it is necessary to install the reader in a correct fixed position so that it can quickly read data, the reader assembly is also equipped with a pre-folding device, which greatly reduces the time required for installation and commissioning. In addition to the EMS code, Valco's readers can also be used to monitor other types of binary bar codes, such as Bobst or Pharma codes.

The laser scanner reads the EAN and UPC codes to identify the correctness of the product. It can accurately identify the shape of each gap and avoid overlap.

The thin film sensor is used to detect the position of the film on each tray window and is used for the detection of the insert in the tray.

The glue monitoring system effectively guarantees the accuracy of the glue amount and glue position of the edge glue and the bottom glue dispensing, and does not require an additional UV system. AS-series high-speed photoelectric sensors are the most accurate products for the detection of strips and spots. The highest speed of the AS-series high-speed photoelectric sensors can reach 600 meters per minute. The detection accuracy of the glue and glue length is ± 1mm, and can monitor film thickness at any time.

The microwave sensor can detect the position of the glue and the amount of glue through the board according to the change of the humidity. This sensor is an ideal monitoring tool for wheel coating.

Reliable reject and standard equipment

MARS waste defective rejecting device is an integrated high-speed mechanical rejecting system, which cooperates with bar code identification and glue location monitoring equipment to ensure accurate rejecting of waste products in the production process. Even at the highest speeds, the laterally orthogonal reject device can reject rejects extremely accurately and reliably. Because the carton is discharged quickly and accurately, and at a 90° angle to the production line, the carton spacing is still kept to a minimum, and the production line can still be maintained at the highest operating speed. The rubber-coated disc-shaped surface allows the scrapper to quickly and easily remove different sizes of cartons from 50 to 700mm. A check eye of the device in the system ensures the removal of a scratch card. The MARS rejection device can be easily installed on either side of the folder-gluer, as required by the removal direction. When used in conjunction with a stacking or transfer device, the MARS pick-off eliminates stack gaps on the conveyor belt due to rejects, thereby reducing waste defects that result from this. When used in conjunction with counting and placing devices, it allows the counter to accurately count the product even after the waste paper card has been removed. If the system has been set for the different curing and drying time of various types of adhesives, the MARS tumbler can also be used when the machine starts up again according to the type of glue that is being used after the gluer is paused for any reason. The dried online paper card is automatically removed.

As a very cost-effective feature option, Valco's spray marking system can also identify downstream defects in the identification of defective products.

Unique miniaturized electronic spray gun

Valco's 300 series miniaturized electronic spray guns have a width of only 15mm, and their extremely high reaction speed is unmatched by other similar products. It can perform ultra-short-spotted dot coating on the highest speed lines currently available. Not only that, in order to enhance the function of point glue, there is also a special type of micro spray gun with adjustable valve needle stroke for customers to use. Since the entire gun body is integrally packaged with a 0.5 m long solenoid valve control wiring, the removable parts in the gun body are only needle valves, springs and valve seats, so the entire gun body can even be immersed in water for cleaning. The parts used in the gun are mostly made of new materials. Such as ultra-light valve needles, carbon carbide super-hard ball valve needle heads, engineered ceramic valve needle seats and nozzles, so that its service life can exceed 1 billion opening and closing cycles. Therefore its ultra-small exterior configuration makes it possible to use multiple side-by-side, which in turn makes it ideal for some special folder-gluers and other multi-material interlaced applications.

Economic and practical glue spraying system

For economical applications requiring only glue control, Valco offers a compact adhesive precision coating system kit. The MCP-4 is a cost-effective, full-featured spray pattern controller in a compact adhesive coating system.

Valco's product line also includes piston pumps and diaphragm pumps, which are unique in that they are automatically commutated under the control of a circuit consisting of low voltage solid state electronics. Valco's pump fluid flow system also includes its unique pressure balance throttle valve, which ensures that the system can always provide a constant unit length of glue during the start-up and shifting of the folder-gluer, effectively avoiding The phenomenon of unequal thickness variation in glue and glue lines. Other feature options include glue low alarms.

The Valco company's Shure-Glue company also provides users with a full range of various hot melt adhesive systems and high quality, affordable, and in line with common industry standards alternative spare parts. Shure-Glue replacement spare parts and the world's major brands of hot melt equipment manufacturers systems and spare parts can be wildly matched, not only easy to change, and maintenance is also very easy. Most of the systems and spare parts can be delivered within a few days.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

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