Roll paper core handmade flies

Roll paper core handmade flies

Handmade materials: a roll of paper core , white paper, black paper, translucent paper, two eyes, a plush ball

Roll paper core handmade flies

Cut a rectangle according to the height of the roll core, draw a pattern as shown

Roll paper core handmade flies

Paint the corresponding color

Roll paper core handmade flies

Wrap on the roll core, stick eyes, wings, etc.

LED Furniture Feature:

1. Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of thermoplastic material, not easy to broken, suitable for long time delivery

2. Non toxic, safe for human healthy

3. Rechargeable battery and remote control

4. Multi-colors change & color selection

5. Anti UV & waterproof

6. Adopt the EPISTAR led chip to ensure the color quality and life time

7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, etc

8. Warranty: 1 year

Where to use for :

Bar, nightclub, golf club, disco, KTV, bistro, patio, pub, hotel, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, tea house, plaza, garden, entertainment park, amusement park, home, villa, swimming pool, wedding, party, events, decoration, design, project, rental/hire,all are with waterproof.

LED Furniture

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