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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] When selecting, pay attention to the following points:


1. Pay attention to the moisture content of wood. The water content is high and the wood is easily warped and deformed. The moisture content of furniture should not exceed 12, when the general consumer buys, there is no test instrument, you can take the method of hand touch, touch the bottom of the furniture or the place where there is no paint inside. If you feel the moisture, then the moisture content is at least 50. Above, it cannot be used at all. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted wood. If it is slow or not, it indicates a high moisture content. The selected wood-based panels have deformation, edge expansion, and intermediate unevenness, indicating that the water absorption rate of the board is too high.

2. Pay attention to the materials used in the furniture. The surface materials of furniture, such as the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets, require hardwoods, such as ash, eucalyptus, etc., which are relatively strong and can bear the weight, while other materials can be used for internal materials. The thickness of the large wardrobe legs is required to be 2.5 cm. When it is too thick, it is awkward and thin and easy to bend and deform. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets cannot be made of fiberboard, but should be made of plywood. Because the fiberboard has strong water absorption, it will expand and damage when exposed to water. The table in the restaurant should be washable. It was found that the wood had insect eyes and foaming, indicating that the drying was not complete. Such furniture could not be bought, and the insects would bite more and more. After checking the surface, open the door and the drawer door to see if there is any decay in the inner material. You can lick it with your fingernails. If you break in, it means that the inner material is decaying. After opening the door, smell it with your nose. If it is pungent, glaring, or tearing, it means that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high and it will be harmful to the human body.

3. Pay attention to whether the structure of the furniture is firm and the junction of the blinking eye is tight. Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc., can be dragged on the concrete floor when picking, gently falling and falling, the sound is crisp, indicating good quality; if the sound is dumb, there is a murmur in the sound, indicating blinking The combination is not tight and the structure is not strong. The desk and table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. The sofa can sit and sway. If it is not active, it will not be soft and there is no sound. It means that the structure of the blink is relatively firm. If you sit on a move, it will slam, and it will be a nail. It will not last long. time. Square tables, tables, chairs and other legs should have four triangular clips to fix the function. If not, it may fall apart if the time is long. When you choose, you can look over the table and chairs, and the cloth chair can be touched by hand.

4. When selecting furniture, check whether the four feet of the furniture are flat. This point is flat on the ground and I know that some furniture has only three legs to land. Look at the desktop is straight, can not bow back or collapsed. The table top is raised, the glass plate is placed on it, and the table top is recessed, and the glass plate is crushed by a pressure. Pay attention to the inspection of the cabinet door. The slit of the drawer should not be too large. It should be horizontal and vertical, and the door should not sag.

5. Wood-based veneer furniture, whether it is veneer veneer, PVC or plaster paper, should pay attention to whether the leather is flat, with or without bulging, foaming, and patchwork. Look at the light when you check it, and don't see it when you don't. The ash veneer veneer furniture is easily damaged and can only be used for two years. As far as the veneer is concerned, the veneer is better than the chopping. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood. The wood of the veneer is straight and dense, and the veneered veneer is curved. Particleboard veneer furniture, the ground part must be edged, and the edge banding will absorb moisture, swell and damage. Generally, the corners of the veneer furniture are easy to be tilted up. When picking, you can buckle the corners by hand. If you buckle it up, it means there is a problem with the glue.

6. Pay attention to whether the edge and edge of the furniture are flat and firm. The edge is not flat, indicating that the inner material is wet, and the seal will fall off in a few days. The edge banding should also be rounded and not straight at right angles. The edges sealed with wood strips tend to get wet or crack. The furniture inlaid with the plywood is nailed with nails. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the nails are flat and whether the color of the nails is consistent with other places. Usually the nail hole is sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty is bulging. If it is bulged, it will not work. Slowly, the putty will fall out from the inside.

7. Choose furniture with mirrors, such as dressing table and dressing mirror. Pay attention to the photo, see if the mirror is deformed and color, check whether there is lining paper and backboard at the mercury in the back of the mirror, and there is no unqualified backboard. It doesn't work without lining paper, otherwise it will grind off the mercury.

8. The painted part of the furniture should be smooth, flat, wrinkle-free and flawless. The corners are not straight at right angles, and the straight edges are prone to slag and paint. There should also be a paint inside the door of the furniture, without the paint board being easy to bend and not beautiful. Paying attention to furniture maintenance is the problem of the use and maintenance of furniture. Generally, the furniture should be wiped with a dry cloth, instead of being wiped with a damp cloth, because the paint is easy to peel and fall off. Do not place the furniture directly in a damp place, and place a pad in a place where it is too wet. Furniture should be kept away from the sun as much as possible. Do not put it on the stove or the heater. The paint is easy to peel and fall. The paint-painted furniture was very bright at the time, but it was not good after two years. Acrylic was better, but it was too brittle, and it was afraid to touch it. Still water resistant paint is better, not afraid of hot, just not bright. The dirt on the furniture can be wiped gently with alcohol when it is not cleaned with hot water.

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