Analysis of two technical problems on how to choose the centrifuge

The first, low speed centrifuge

In addition to being used in traditional industries such as textile, chemical, and environmental protection, low-speed centrifuges are now widely used in pharmaceutical companies to achieve the separation of mother liquor. Due to the strict specifications of the pharmaceutical enterprise industry, pharmaceutical centrifuges basically use flat-plate closed type. Possible pollution or damage or improve sanitation. The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel or the whole is made of stainless steel. The whole machine has no dead ends and is clean and easy to use. This type of centrifuge has basically been distributed throughout the pharmaceutical industry, plus 3000 for blood separation. The left and right small centrifuges constitute the entire low-speed industrial centrifuge system, and also penetrate into other industries related to biomedicine. This type of centrifuge must comply with national GMP regulations before it can be used.

Second, high-speed medical centrifuge

At present, the production of high-speed medical centrifuges is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Hunan. The technology of such centrifuges is relatively simple. Generally, zoned centrifuges are commonly used. Zoned centrifuges divide cells, viruses, and DNA according to the density and gradient of the sample solution. The separation and collection of molecules are carried out in a continuous manner for sample addition and sampling. In addition to being widely used in production processes, they are now also widely used in laboratory equipment. Due to the use of DC variable frequency motors or brushless DC motors, the speed is generally adjustable and has a high speed. In order to reduce the weight of the body and the drum, the outer shell is generally made of plastic or other non-reactive alloy materials, and the light alloy or other non-reactive materials are often used inside. Make.

Along with the extremely rapid development of biomedicine in recent years, high-speed medical centrifuges have also made considerable progress, and have formed a separate market structure that is different from low-speed centrifuges. It is expected that the future growth momentum will continue to maintain and attract more research institutions to enter. At the same time, high-speed medical centrifuges are also the fastest-growing classified products in the centrifuge industry.

The centrifuge is particularly extensive in the medical industry. Blood separation, virus research, DNA research, drug purification, etc. all need to be used in centrifuges. Cells and DNA molecules at the microscopic level require high-speed medical centrifuges for separation and research. Such high-speed centrifuges usually rotate at speeds above 5,000 rpm and below 60,000 rpm, which can provide centrifugal force 10,000 times the acceleration of gravity to separate small molecules. For blood separation, a centrifugal separator with 3000 revolutions is generally sufficient. At present, most manufacturers can produce it, and they have received good results in actual use. The centrifuges used in the refining process of pharmaceuticals are generally low-speed centrifuges with a rotational speed of less than 3000 rpm and a large processing capacity. In order to meet the GMP regulations and requirements in pharmaceutical production, they are generally made of flat-type stainless steel materials.

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