Advantages of laser digital die cutting technology

Laser digital die cutting is the use of laser to evaporate materials to complete the die cutting of various products. Laser digital die cutting technology is attracting the attention of the traditional die cutting field with high efficiency and flexibility.

A general laser die cutting system consists of a carbon dioxide laser, a power supply device, a cooling device, software, and a smoke exhaust system. If the laser die cutting system is not connected to an existing printing machine, a roll paper conveying system is also required. In addition, registering the camera monitoring system is also necessary. In total, if this technology is used, John Dillon, deputy general manager of LasX Sales and Marketing Department, 180,000-300,000, said that this is probably equivalent to the price of a set of mainstream pre-press equipment upgrades.

In addition, the previous laser die cutting system used a fixed laser device to move the XY coordinates internally. Some users do not agree with this technology because its processing speed cannot meet their needs. Chriss Chow, deputy general manager of Laser Machining ’s paper product processing department, said that the newer galvanometer system uses a controlled laser beam and rotating lenses to make the laser move faster. According to reports, the processing speed of this device can reach 80-600 inches per second.

The laser digital die-cutting system can use intermittent or pointer movement for stepping operation, and can also die-cut during movement. The laser beam is programmed to control the continuous movement of the pattern. The speed of die cutting can be adjusted. The laser beam can cut through the material completely, or it can add different adjustment parameters to cut only the facial paper, and not die cut the bottom sheet, that is, cut a certain depth or punch.

Advantages of laser digital die cutting

Laser digital die cutting has many advantages. From the perspective of flexibility, the laser can move in any direction and can die cut any complex shape: the shape of each die cutting unit can be changed during operation, so that packaging and trademark production Can be fully personalized. In addition, precision is the strength of the digital system. Laser digital die-cutting can easily achieve a tolerance of 0.003 inches, and can even compensate for the inspiring inherent in printing and post-press processing. The material may be stretched during printing and post-press processing. Chow said that the laser can be adjusted according to this, but previous die cutting could not do this.

The laser digital die-cutting system can effectively perform the scratching operation with high yield, and the pattern of the scratches can be modified at the last moment without interrupting the production. The production cost of the simple opening shape and the complex shape are the same, and the production time is also the same. From the perspective of the rate of return, the end user can directly control the production of the medium and short versions without having to save a large number of die-cut plates. Dillon Say that they can immediately respond to the customer's request, because it saves the time to make the die-cut version.

Jules Farkas, the manager of Wave Front Technology, said that laser digital die cutting does not require a die-cutting plate, nor does it need to use other tools to punch holes, and the meat roll material is cut to the desired shape.

From an aesthetic point of view, laser digital die cutting also has many advantages. Because it has no pressure during die cutting, it will not damage the material being die-cut, especially the pressure-sensitive label produced by die-cutting has better peelability after traditional round die-cutting.

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