2015 outdoor market development, trends and hot spots, easy to understand young and old

I read a report on the “2015 China Outdoor Products Market Report” yesterday. I have a lot of emotion. According to the report, in 2015, the number of favorable factors for the development of China’s outdoor product market is increasing, the overall demand is increasing, and the industry’s sales continue to grow. . At the same time, due to the economic downturn and the sluggish business environment in the retail industry, the growth rate slowed slightly and the profit level declined. The entire industry is actively adjusting and returning to the track of rational competition and value competition.

After I read this report, I said that I still listened to a few meetings. It is more reliable. No matter what, it is growth. It is development. At least I don’t understand, he just flies.

When I saw the Chinese outdoor market sales table, I laughed. From 12 to 15 years, retail sales of outdoor stores continued to grow. I didn't know about other parts, but I still knew the outdoor shop. Everyone in the industry knows that outdoor shops are best sold 13 years ago. These years are not as good as a year, a word, miserable! It's sad and sad that many old stores and one family have died!
Then I saw the thanks, I immediately understand that the data came from it!

Then say return to rational competition, value competition? I didn't think that there are still several people who care about the market. How can they be sold cheaply and say good things?

Finally, Xia Haitao, who can tell me that China's pricing is so high? Not only outdoor products, but also foreigners are cheap, foreign toilet lids, rice cookers, clothes and shoes, China's money is so foreign to you?

Another topic, what happened in 2015 outdoors?
First of all, under the outdoor trend, the application of the inexplicable Winter Olympics was successful, which led to the ski heat. The number of skiers this year has obviously increased. There are many people who will slip and slip, and they will not slip or fall.... Selling ski and snow fields this year is definitely a big money.
In addition to Tokyo hot and running hot, in fact, running in the past few years has been very hot, but it was even hotter last year! Compared to the regional requirements for skiing, there is no requirement for running. There are legs and feet. However, there is still room for improvement. Regional development is not balanced. For example, in Tianjin, a city where there is no particular interest in eating or talking, actually Guo Degang cannot go down in Tianjin, because Tianjin’s laughter is too high and There are too many comic dialogues.

Smart wear is hot, that is, a bunch of people have nothing to do, buy a watch bracelet, in fact, nothing worthy of use, that is, can scream. The meaning of intelligence is what makes people feel smart.

The three husbands were listed, but they were also rising. It was really rich. I can only lament Beijing’s local tyrants! In fact, this is related to the concept of thinking. You take the subway in Beijing. You can see people wearing a variety of outdoor brands, which are much better than some places.

Saying the next brand, Germany's Salvatore retired from China, and then came back. This is what you need to do in and out. The brand is really good. The big German brand, the operation is too bad, it is better to not operate ~ positioning and high-end , And sell expensive, not to look outside the store, take the mall channel ~ look forward to the next exit, I buy some clothes!

Millet also changed its face, this brand is really strange, absolutely big brands, things are also very beautiful, in France is also an absolute big-name, the fire in South Korea's incredible, many celebrity endorsements, in the slightest movement in China are not, is it right? Didn't take a look at China's cake? I hope it can return strongly in 16 years!

Montbell can't come out of China and come in. Okay!å•¥ Japanese Archaeopteryx, but also German Pathfinder!

HOKA is also very hot now, in the magazine can often see this giant ugly running shoes, in the era of minimalism, this type of cushioned running shoes like a cricket is the real fashion trend.

Archaeopteryx out of the walking shoes, the concept of models full of shoes have also been sought after by many birds fans, tpu's upper is also bold and innovative, in order to solve the problem of outdoor shoes breathable, made into the form of socks, it is quite interesting, need to be improved Still quite a lot.

Black deer that cup of water in a mess of 2015, I have a misconception, I think that everyone has a black deer kettle, to which outdoor shop can see this kettle, whether it is good or bad, the market is doing well!

Osprey's grand prize, cloud anti-gravity, the package design is very interesting, light weight, carrying a very comfortable, the world's first 100% breathable belt, carrying a new application of seamless 3D technology, back up more comfortable, breathable I have one myself and I feel as if I am okay.

In 2015, Xiaodou worked very hard and released his first personal anime documentary. “Doraemon with me” talks about the story of growing up with Big Bears. I don’t know if everyone did not read it and saw the anime. The original film is like a yes!

In this issue, I gave you an overview of the 2015 outdoor market, outdoor trends and hotspots. No matter whether it is good or bad, we don't want him. The plan for the year of 2016 is spring and spring, and that is why the two dragons in February are looking up. Everyone is looking up. Little beans are not needed. It's not good to scare people.

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