Summer beauty back shadow enchanting essential oil soap in addition to acne muscle

Many girls have smooth and handsome faces, but there are large acne acne on the back of the chest covered by clothes. This is usually related to personal dietary habits, humid climate, drug influence and even psychological stress. To deal with the acne behind, in addition to relying on the internal adjustment of traditional Chinese medicine, it also needs to cooperate with external cleaning care. Korean cinnamon handmade bath oil soap is specially developed for the acne muscle behind.

Summer beauty back shadow enchanting essential oil soap except acne muscle

Korean cinnamon handmade bath oil soap

Recommended crowd: people with acne or chicken skin problems behind their chests

Applicable skin type: common common skin type, please perform allergy test before using sensitive muscle

Product efficacy: clean antibacterial, shrink pores, remove keratin

Product introduction: Cinnamon handmade bath essential oil soap is mainly composed of natural osmanthus essential oil, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, glycerin and other natural vegetable oil components and essential oil components. There are no chemical preservatives, additives, flavors and fragrances. Add, weak alkaline quality is very good antibacterial and anti-virus, control the growth of acne; soften the skin keratin while plant essential oils and glycerin also play a role in moisturizing and moisturizing the skin , white dull even dull skin.

How to use: After moisturizing the skin, use a foaming net to make the handmade soap into a rich foam. Apply the foam to the back of the chest. Massage for 2-3 minutes, then rinse off with water.

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