Fastfill40 Filling and Sealing Machine--The Choice of Small Packaging Enterprises

China Packaging Network compiled : British company launched a filling and sealing machine Fastfill40 for small companies, users can buy or rent. This provides great convenience for those who need to meet the seasonal increase in production in the short term and need to test the new production line before the official purchase.

The Fastfill40 container filling and closing machine has a working speed of 40 bags per minute and the target market is beverages, yogurt, butter, jams, dips, seasonings, liquid snacks and similar products. It can be sealed with a pre-cut lid, or it can be sealed with a full roll of film. A coder can be used.

The machine is made of stainless steel and designed as a movable part that is easy to clean.

Fastfill40 may be used for the filling and sealing of liquids and dry goods such as cereals, nuts and candies. Different size cans can be handled by a quick release locator.

This is particularly suitable for small-volume business.

British Packaging Automation manufactures heat-sealing equipment that is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Fastfill40 specifications

Size: 1623x1091x1692mm, maximum production speed: 40 cycles/minute (atmospheric)
The maximum irrigation diameter: 71mm The maximum depth of irrigation: 112mm The maximum filling volume: 350ml

Electrical Specifications

Power supply: 415V Frequency: 50Hz Load: 6Kw Requirements: 32A three-phase neutral ground Pneumatic specification: Consumption air: 17cfm or 500 litres/min Working pressure: 6bar

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