Easy to prevent plagiarism, pirated security cardboard

Rock-Tenn developed a Series 1000 cardboard line containing UV fibers for White Label's secure cardboard. Series 1000 cardboard is designed specifically for carton products designed to prevent plagiarism, piracy, etc. The principle is very simple, that is, the Appleton Assur Mark UV fiber is randomly embedded in the cardboard during the plate making process. The use of such fibers neither interferes with printing nor affects the decoration of the carton. Moreover, customers can easily identify the authenticity of a product by using a hand-held or on-line scanning device and seeing randomly embedded fluorescent fibers.

  Paper Jewelry Box is one of our company`s flagship products. It`s complex structure and many functions make it capable of many functions, such as storage, classification, etc. After a reasonable structural design,it can also be used as a small display stand, with colorful print matters, very attractive to the eye, which can display jewelry, stationery, Wooden Stamps and other items, and most of the material is paper, so the cost can be controlled within a relatively low range. 

   Our technical team has extensive experience in this area. If customers have individual needs, we can provide satisfactory customized services.

Paper Jewelry Boxes

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