Corrugated board machine with secondary coating function

Then study the technological conditions of single-sided machine for corrugated paper rolling. Through the long-term dynamic testing of tile line single-sided machine production, it was found that when the single-faced corrugated paperboard was peeled from the corrugating roller, the temperature remaining at the peak face of the single-faced corrugated paperboard was about 100°C, which would follow one-way The corrugated board is spread to the heat-dissipation bridge on the upper part of the tile. How to make full use of the temperature of about 100°C on the peak surface is a problem that engineers and technicians have long considered.

By reforming the structure of the single-sided machine, the single-sided machine can be provided with a secondary coating function (we have completed the design and testing of the structural reform). In this way, a single-sided machine can not only produce single-faced corrugated paperboard, but also can be coated with a second time to produce three-layer corrugated cardboard, which greatly simplifies the corrugated board production process. We conceived a pattern of corrugated board production.

We call the single-sided machine with the secondary gluing function after reform as a corrugated board machine. At present, engineering and technical personnel are further studying and improving the design, hoping to cooperate with domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to jointly develop a new generation of advanced corrugated board production equipment with Chinese characteristics in this model.


Corrugated board machine function

The new type of corrugated board machine with secondary coating function evolved through the structural reform of single-sided machines. The single-sided machine only outputs the processed single-faced corrugated board, while the corrugated board machine can process the processed single-faced corrugated board through a special structure and then perform a second time in the machine, and then it is affixed with the in-place facing paper. Bonding, after not long hot plate drying output corrugated three cardboard. For example, the corrugated roller of corrugated board machine is E-type, and the three-layer E-type cardboard output from corrugated board machine is the corrugated cardboard commonly used for small and medium-sized packaging and processing carton. It has strong competitiveness in the market and is also rare at home and abroad. Innovative equipment. If the combined speed of the two corrugated board machines is controlled, five layers of corrugated board can be produced. In order to facilitate management, the number of corrugated board machines can be uniformly numbered. WRE can produce E-type corrugated board, WRB produces B-type corrugated board in five-layer corrugated board, and WRA produces A-type corrugated single-sided board.

The production of five-layer corrugated cardboard from corrugated board can be simply based on the production of B-type corrugated three-layer cardboard, through a special structure, and then WRA machine to produce A corrugated single-faced corrugated cardboard, after secondary coating and three-layer B corrugated board. The cardboard is glued and then dried in a drying tunnel.

Source: China Packaging News

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