Zhongcheng Tianhe solves the confusion that the U disk cannot be safely stopped for you

Friends who use U disk, MP3, MP4 or mobile devices may often encounter the problem of "unable to delete safely". What should we do if the USB device cannot be stopped safely? Device, please wait for a while before stopping the device ", but usually it will not work N times. What should we do this time?

Beijing Zhongcheng Tianhe Data Recovery Center (Zhongcheng Tianhe Data Recovery Center)

1. Wait for a period of time when the universal volume device cannot be stopped, it may be that a USB device is in use in your computer. For example, if you open a USB file or folder and forget to close it, there may be some files being copied and some caches. Make sure that all related files and folders are closed. The latter will try to copy Other small files on the computer.

2. When you try to log out the user and USB cannot be stopped, this method is actually one of the best ways. You can unplug it after logging out or closing.

3. End the system process to bring up the task manager, end the explorer.exe process, and then the new task explorer.exe process, you can safely delete the USB device.

4. Use other tools to install unlocker, open the "My Computer" window, select the drive letter where the flash drive is located, and execute "Unlocker" from the right-click menu. From this, you can clearly see the current process of accessing the mobile device. Click the "Unlock" or "Unlock All" button, then you can safely delete. If no files or folders are locked by a process, then simply select the "Delete" operation in the drop-down list box.

5. Virus killing If your USB device is in, and the virus is running at this time, this situation will also appear. You can kill your USB device and try to delete it.

6. Violently unplug this is the last way. MP3, MP4 or mobile with a switch can use this method: turn off the power of MP3 or MP4 directly. In theory, as long as the indicator on the USB device does not flash, it can be dialed down (indicating that no data transfer is in progress), especially the operations above Windows XP also support hot swapping.

Here we should remind everyone that when the red light on your USB device flashes continuously, please remember to dial it out directly. This will not only damage the stored data, but also your USB device. be damaged. So don't use this method until the end. This is useful computer knowledge, which can avoid our loss.

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