Officials who provided welfare housing in ancient times were not allowed to add any furniture.

There are sixty-three pieces of furniture miscellaneous in Zhi County, and there are sixty kinds of county magistrates and main books, and only nineteen kinds of history. In other words, how much furniture you give, how much you use, and the automatic use of public funds to buy, is a violation of the system. In addition, when the official is transferred or retired, all furniture miscellaneous items must be returned according to the list.

Providing housing in a different country

The "official house" is the residence of the bureaucrats. Because it is often associated with the bureaucracy, it is now the "institutional compound", so it is sometimes compatible with the meaning of the office. If expressed in modern vocabulary, it is generally the meaning of the housing of the government, because not only the ownership is generally the "official", that is, it belongs to the state assets, and often also belongs to a certain official office, that is, an organ.

This matter is traced back from the beginning. In the pre-Qin era where the large and small aristocrats used the land to exercise the political order, the official residence of a specific meaning could not be a universal phenomenon. Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, officials at all levels have been appointed by the state. Whether it is the local priests who can be confiscated or recommended to the central government, or those who were originally resident in Beijing, they are placed outside the local government. Most of them have the need to solve the housing needs. Therefore, the provision of housing by the state to the officials in office has gradually become institutionalized in the Qin and Han dynasties.

"Han Shu" volume thirty-nine notes Cao Shen Feng Jue Hou Hou, the restaurant Pingyang, but I have successively served in Qi State and the Central Committee, and his Chang'an "The House is close to the garden, and the house is drinking and singing." . This "community" and "squatting" are synonymous with the residences and the staff quarters of the country, when provided by the state. Han Gaozu Liu Bang issued the "Tong'an Order" to the whole country: "Where the people who are the foods of the princes are all given to the seals, they will be given to the house of the grand opening; if the shackles reach the level of the two thousand stone, they can move to Chang'an and give them to Second-class residence." This is of course a measure of preferential treatment for the founding fathers.

Look at the "Han Shu" volume ninety-three, the waiter Dong Xian is invited to the Han dynasty pet favor, the holiday is also unwilling to go home and reunite with his wife, so the wife of the mourning Emperor Dong Xian moved into his residence in the palace, " If the wife is in the official residence of the temple." According to this historical data, it is known that in the late Western Han Dynasty, the family members of the bureaucrats can live in the housing of the government (guansi house), which is already a common phenomenon. "Tai Ping Yu Lan" volume four nine one cited "Han Shu" said that Guanglu doctor Wei Ba lost his wife, and his elder brother also deliberately "for (Wei) hegemony wife, sent to the official residence." "Song Shu" Volume 41, Song Wudi was born in "Dan Tu Guan She", his father Liu Qiao was appointed as Jinling County Gong Cao; "Song Shi·Xiao Zong Ji" recorded Song Xiaozong "born in Xiusong Qingshan's official residence "My father Zhao Zishi was in Xiuzhou's residence; "Chengdu Wenshu" recorded Sima Guangsheng in the county official residence, his father was the county magistrate. Ouyang Xiu was also the father of the Mianzhou family when he joined the army. He later changed the house to "Liu Yi Tang" (Ouyang Xiu, Liu Yiju), Commemorative.

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