Discussion on the internal framework of the distiller's grains

Preferably, several strains of yeast are isolated by using a malt culture medium, and then further selected according to culture conditions, growth rate, carbon and nitrogen source utilization, final bacterial concentration, crude protein content, and feed safety, etc., are suitable for using distiller's grains as a substrate. The best strain for solid fermentation.

The raw material of raw distiller's grains is provided by Anhui Gujing Distillery Feed Branch. The raw material of the distiller's grains contains water, dry matter, nitrogen-free extract, coarse ash, dry matter, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, nitrogen-free extract, and coarse ash. The medium culture medium is a wheat agar medium and a liquid medium.

The solid fermentation medium substrate is adjusted with a certain proportion of the distiller's grains raw material and the auxiliary material number and number to control the moisture content. Expanded culture and fermentation conditions The yeast strain was activated on malt solid slant medium, and then expanded with malt liquid medium. The culture was shaken and the number of shakes, culture temperature, inoculum and fermentation were tested. Time and so on. Production trials include small production trials and expanded production trials.

The distiller's small-scale production test was carried out in a laboratory-made melody. Take solid fermentation and ventilate at °C. The best formula for fermentation, inoculum size, culture fermentation time, drying method and pulverization method are screened. The expanded production test was conducted at the Xingda Yeast Protein Feed Factory in Handan City. By expanding production trials, we will establish and improve the process flow, production process and product quality monitoring of batch product production.

Product quality analysis method The amino acid composition of the mixed bacteria fermentation protein in the moisture oven method is shown in the table. Table drunk mother protein protein containing fresh distiller's grains pretreatment process fresh wine box Buzhou dehydration clustering air dry water town a strain of crude protein content fire giant witch Wu Guofen trapped distiller's grains? Production process flow table mixed bacteria drunk mother cell Protein nitrogen acid containing threonine glycine acid praline acid methionine isoleucine leucine tyrosine phenylalanine.

Lysine histidine arginine aspartate sulphate sulphate sulphate sulphate sulphate sulphate sulphate undigested culture conditions Depending on the growth rate of the strain and the protein content of the product under different culture conditions, the culture conditions were determined. The following carbon and nitrogen source auxiliary materials are used to adjust the substrate by using various carbon and nitrogen source auxiliary materials, and finally the selected carbon source auxiliary materials and the nitrogen source auxiliary materials are selected.

The inoculation amount of the bacterial liquid was compared with the inoculation amount of different gradient bacterial liquids, and the minimum inoculum amount was one, and the suitable inoculum amount was one. The amount of inoculum inoculated exceeded. Increasing the inoculum amount can shorten the fermentation time of the product, but it will increase the cost of the fermentation product and increase the strain to expand the cultivation workload.

When the temperature of the ventilation material rises to a moment, ventilation is required to ensure sufficient oxygen supply to make the yeast develop well. Fermentation culture time one hour process According to the multi-batch fermentation test, on the basis of determining the optimal raw material formula and optimum production conditions, the design process flow is as follows: auxiliary material slant seed material, liquid material, water, inoculation, discharge, drunk raw material, processing of fresh distiller's grains After pretreatment dehydration, air drying, and removal of foreign matter, it is used as a raw material for the production of distiller's grains.

Raw material moisture, crude protein. The liquid seeds of the fermenting strains of the fermenting strains are cultured in a medium, deep-fermented, agitated and stirred, and the liquid seeds are expanded with the wort for a small hour, and the inoculum amount is the raw material. After the preliminary cleaning of the ingredients and the raw materials, no need to sterilize, add the auxiliary materials according to the specified amount, add water and mix the uniform water. Solid fermentation: The fermented raw material is transferred into a fermenting koji, loosely stacked, and has a thickness of 15-20 cm, and is aerated and cultured.

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