Crown Imperial King Series Luxury and Prestige European Wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The crown bedroom originated in Denmark and was introduced to China in 2003. This style of products from Northern Europe has been widely favored and the products continue to sell well. At the 2014 China (Guangzhou) Wardrobe Show, Guante Bedroom, as the leading brand of domestic custom homes, also launched its own proud work this year - the crown king series wardrobe.

Crown special emperor series wardrobe evaluation

Crown special emperor series wardrobe evaluation

Throughout the ages, after accepting the influence of Chinese traditional culture, the traditional oriental people have also begun to pursue the foreign traditional Western aristocratic life. Various European and American styles of home decoration style began to appear in Chinese families. The beauty embodied in the Guante Emperor series is European classical culture. The best interpretation.

Luxurious design

The Crown King's Wardrobe is a classic European wardrobe with a luxurious exterior and a grand atmosphere. The crimson oak color looks calm and calm, giving the entire wardrobe a noble atmosphere.

Crown Imperial King Series

Crown special emperor series overall wardrobe

High quality wardrobe sheet

The crown emperor series wardrobe panels are made of the finest Burmese teak. Burmese teak is rare and rare, with large leaves, excellent materials and large value. It can be a kind of preserved commodity. It is known as the “King of Wanmu” and is called “National Treasure” in Myanmar and Indonesia. Burmese teak is resistant to water and fire, and is resistant to termites and sea worms in different sea areas. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, has good drying performance, good nail holding power and good overall performance. Beautifully embossed on the door of the closet, the gorgeous and smooth embossed pattern adds a touch of elegant melody to the majestic grandeur.

Crown wardrobe

Crown King Emperor Series Wardrobe Plate

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Luxurious design, high quality wardrobe sheet

Top line and cabinet design, powerful storage partition

Exquisite hardware design, evaluation summary

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